Pastor Ken Hutcherson Is Going To Prison If DOMA Is Repealed

Well this is just a wonderful message from Pastor Ken Hutcherson — the man who performed Rush Limbaugh‘s marriage and who warned the NFL against gay players who would only be able to think about showering with jocks — about the risks of seeing DOMA die. Wait at least until he counts off the entire list of ramifications, where you’ll realize the effects are either mistruths (“Enable gays to officially marry,” which the repeal of DOMA would actually not do) or complete lies (“Outlaw the church from speaking openly against gay marriage,” which will lead to the jailing of pastors like him, which would actually require the repeal of DOMA and the First Amendment). Luckily Htuchersen and “30 to 40 different ministries” are forming a “coalition,” backed by the Family Research Council, to oppose the end of DOMA. By embedding this video, are we as bad as The Stranger?