Pat Robertson Thinks “God Almighty Is A Hater” If Mozilla’s Ex-CEO Is Wrong

pat-robertson-healthyNever one to fear invoking God in the most inappropriate way possible, televangelist Pat Robertson has waded into the controversy about Brendan Eich, who resigned as CEO of Mozilla after it was revealed he supported the antigay Proposition 8 initiative. Robertson, whose knowledge of technology is probably derived from the Jetsons, not only think Eich was wronged but that God Himself would be classified as a homophobe by the same standards.

At the beginning of his rant, Robertson suggests that Eich made the donation to get rid of an irritating volunteer seeking money. “”Somebody came around and said, ‘Will you contribute?’ And he said, ‘Here’s a grand, get off my back.’ I mean, that’s probably all that it amounted to.”

Of course, most people don’t throw $1,000 at political campaigns to get someone to shut up. In fact, most people don’t have $1,000 to throw at political campaigns.

“He’s being forced out by gay activists, who said that was hate speech to say that the union between a man and a woman is marriage — that’s hate speech,” Robertson continued. “Well then, the Bible then is full of hate. If that the way it is, then God almighty is a hater. If that’s the way they want to define it. And I, of course, don’t agree.”

Robertson has a solution to the problem: hide donor lists. Or at least make sure the IRS doesn’t make non-profit groups disclose who is funding them. Because nothing proves your willingness to stand up for principle more than doing it anonymously.

Watch Pat’s latest below.


H/t: Raw Story