Pebble: The Smallest MP3 Player Yet

pebble smallest mp3 player

Between the iPod Nano MP3 player and the Motorola SLIVR cell phone, it seems that companies are working towards the ultimate goal of making invisible electronics. Is it all a ploy to make us lose our expensive gadget and buy a replacement? That is so cynical; of course not. They are simply feeding our hunger for small cute things to wave around in public, and the bar has just been raised: enter the Pebble by Advanced MP3 players.

The appearance and name bear a strong resemblance to the Motorola PEBL cell phone (which is coming out in four new colors this summer), and the controls operate very similarly to an iPod. However, the Advanced MP3 Pebble is about the size of a condom and just as safe; dare we say more safe, unless you are listening while riding your bike.

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