Pedro Andrade Is A Renaissance Man

Lance Bass may be the more famous of the “friendly” couple, but Pedro Andrade definitely has some talents. Aside from flashing his pearlies on Next magazine, the New York-based model appears in Australian-born filmmaker Jarrah Gurrie‘s new short film, Compassionist.

Above you’ll see Andrade playing a tortured, lonely artist who finds a creative way of filling his bed. Hopeful Bass doesn’t get too jealous about fantasy.

Compassionist ain’t Gurrie’s first work. He also lent his skills to gay British rapper Q-Boy‘s “Q.B.O.Y. Is So Fly” music video, a video for Aussie songster Rhys Ripper and a number of other short films. Check out his website and his YouTube gallery. Oh, and we’ve included his video for The Rumours‘ “Inside/Outside”. After the jump, natch.