Pennsylvania Church Kicks Out Gay Kid

bobbie pierce in pennsylvaniaNice going, Ambassador’s Bible Chapel in Newberry Township. You’ve saved heterosexuality by forbidding a young man from bringing his wheelchair-bound grandmother to services.

Church elders kicked out Bobbie Pierce, 20, after he came out and wouldn’t repent. It’s a pretty familiar story, although you’d think that by 2014 even the most isolated of rural churches would have gotten the message that it’s not okay to treat people this way.

Local doofus pastor David Slautterback told a reporter that he believes Bobby can flip himself over to heterosexuality, just like a thief can stop stealing. Oh brother. While you’re at it, why don’t you just drill holes in his skull to let the ghosts out?

To his credit, Bobbie says that he wants other gay youngsters to know that they’re not alone. With a pastor spouting pray-away-the-gay nonsense, it’s likely this church has irreparably harmed countless others.

We could be looking at a showdown sometime soon. Bobbie says he plans to keep going to the church, since it’s where he’s worshipped all his life and his grandmother needs help getting there. We do not understand this Stockholm-syndrome tendency to sympathize with one’s oppressors, but if that’s really what he wants, good for him.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of LGBT-affirming churches near Bobby’s home of Mount Wolf. There’s Mount Zion Lutheran, Kreutz Creek Presbyterian, St. John the Baptist, Emmanual and Hedelberg United Churches of Christ in York; Trinity in Spring Grove; First United Methodist in Hershey; St Stephens Episcopal in Harrisburg; and Lancaster Friends.