Perez Passes Mayer Lie Detector Test, Likes Publicity

No joke – Perez Hilton passed a lie detector test and proved his many claims about John Mayer, like that they kissed as Jessica Simpson rubbed Mayer’s crotch. Here’s a sample of the results. Emphasis added:.

Did you kiss John Mayer on the mouth? YES (True)
Did you use your tongue? YES (True)
Did John Mayer use his tongue? YES (True)

Was Jessica Simpson rubbing John Mayer’s crotch as you were making out? YES (True)
Do you think John enjoyed the kiss? YES (True)
Is John a good kisser? YES (True)
Are you speaking out to get publicity? NO (False)

The ugly truth, indeed.

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  • David

    This is stupid…who cares???

  • emb

    Oh lord, who even cares about this? Please, Queerty, take it down.

  • Brandon

    I wish the gay community would stop supporting this man and his website.

  • Brandon

    Actually I wish everyone would stop supporting him and his site.

  • noah

    If John Mayer has any gay leanings, would he direct them at Perez Hilton — fat, unattractive, stupid, air-headed?

  • Aaron

    Of course he passed it. He’s lied so much it’s easy to take it as truth.

  • ridwah

    Go away, Perez Hilton.

  • faghag

    LOL this is hilarious.
    Perez is a fucking genius and you all fell for this.
    I think I might have said too much.

  • faghag

    Brandon, you are deluded, there is no gay comunity.
    Most of us, gay or gay friendly peeps are too selfish to give two fucks about anyone else.
    Perez is speaking for himself, I admire this bitch for making what little talent he has, work .
    He is killing everyone with jalousy.

  • PuddyKatz

    It’s not really gay sex if you have it with Perez.

  • Rick

    Genius??? See how long that piece of shit Hilton lasts…

    Jealous??? A fat girl gets kissed by a star??? Yeah, right. It’ll be on the cover of Newsweek any day now. It’s the first time it’s ever happened.

    Formerly dismissed as a douche, it’s looking like John Mayer may do very well out of this for himself.

    He can count on huge lineups of hopeful fuglys at his next CD signing – if he’s smart he tongue ’em all before they shop the merchandise stand.

  • Jack Jett

    Just to post something that is equally as riveting; Target is having a sale on men’s boxer briefs. 3 for $4.99. They also have Fantastic on sale for $1.49.

    Also, my pit bull has a bit of a rash on her stomach and my mail was late today.

    Perez Hilton was not part of any of it.

  • sugarsmack

    Have you jacked off while fantasizing about the Jonas Brothers? No (False)

    Is your blog inferior in quality to most others and yet far more popular due to your appeal to the wal-mart shopping, zit-popping, Raid-huffing 8-14 year olds of rural America? Yes (true)

    Do you believe in karma? No (false)

  • porsha

    Just who in hell is Perez Hilton, and why should I give a good flying fuck?

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