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PHOTOS: 10 reasons to celebrate the triumphant return of the Warwick Rowers to IG

This week, the Warwick Rowers lived out some social media intrigue when their Instagram account, along with its nearly 180K followers, suddenly vanished.

As it turned out, Instagram blamed the whole thing on an “error.”

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“This account was removed in error,” the social media platform, owned by Facebook, said in a statement. “We have since reactivated @Warwick_rowers and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

Crisis averted!

And whether it was an earnest mistake or a quickly-enacted pr decision, here are ten reasons to celebrate the return of everyone’s favorite disrobed rowers to the app:

1. The thoughtful articles

2. The color coordination

3. The public appearances

The boys this morning on @thetodayshow ????

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4. The holiday cheer

5. The puppy love

The boys with their favourite girls ??

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6. The bubbles, won’t someone think of the bubbles?

7. The dance moves

8. That famous British countryside sunshine

New boys Tim, Joseph, Laurel and Thomas getting comfy between shoots #wr18

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9. The activism

10. The many, many, many other photos on their feed with much less clothing than these ones.

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