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PHOTOS: 29 adorable pics of Tom Daley to mark his 29th birthday

Many happy returns to Tom Daley.

The Olympic gold-medal-winning diver turned 29 years old over the weekend. He posted photos to his Instagram of himself with an oozing chocolate ring cake, sprinkled with rainbow decorations. He also held aloft a dollop of what appears to be ice cream with a decorative firework.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feelin’ 22 (+7)” he captioned the photos.

Among those to wish Daley many happy returns was his husband, Dustin Lance Black, who revealed on Instagram that Daley’s older son, Robbie, 4, had decorated the cake.

Dustin Lance Black wishes husband Tom a happy birthday on Instagram
Dustin Lance Black wishes husband Tom a happy birthday on Instagram (@ dlanceblack)

Matty Lee, Tom’s diving partner, also wished happy birthday to his “work husband.”

Matty Lee wishes Tom Daley a happy birthday

Despite still being under 30, Daley’s been dominating headlines since 2008 when, at just 14, he made his Olympic debut in Beijing.

He won bronze at the London Olympics in 2012 and the Rio Olympics in 2016. At the Tokyo Olympics in the summer of 2021, he defied expectations to win gold in the men’s synchronized 10m platform, alongside diving partner, Lee.

In March 2013, he met his future husband, Dustin Lance Black, at a dinner event in Los Angeles. Daley was 18 and Black was 38. They hit it off immediately and their romance progressed—initially secretly—at a rapid pace.

In December 2013, he came out by posting a video on his YouTube channel to tell the world he was in a relationship with another man. Four years later, in 2018, he and Black married. And one year after that, in 2018, they welcomed their son, Robbie, born via a surrogate.

Earlier this year, the men revealed they’d welcomed a second son to their family at the end of March: Phoenix Rose.

Since coming out, he has also not shied away from talking about his sexuality. He’s very aware that many countries in the world have harsh, anti-LGBTQ legislation and he’s used his platform to speak out about it.

In 2018, after winning a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Australia, he called on Commonwealth countries to drop their anti-LGBTQ laws. And after winning gold in Tokyo last year, he used the opportunity to dedicate his win to LGBTQ youth everywhere.

Besides his skills on the diving board, Daley has also made waves with his favorite pastime: knitting! He says picking up needles and thread is his favorite way to relax and keep anxiety at bay.

Any followers of his social media will also be aware that he posts no shortage of thirst traps, alongside images of his beautiful family.

Click through for a gallery of pictures to mark his 29 years…

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  • KW1969

    I don’t get the obsession with this one.

    • abfab

      It’s all good. Not everyone gets everything in life.

  • flim

    One of my favourite things about Tom is how much money he has raised for brain tumour research over the years after losing his dad to one, his instagram knitting account ended up raising over £20,000 for them when he went viral for knitting at the Olympics, overall he just seems like a good egg and I’m glad he seems happy now especially given how difficult his teenage years were

    • abfab

      Thank you for the information.

    • ShaverC

      Calm down Lance.

    • flim

      he also raised a million pounds for comic relief last year by doing a quadrathalon but clearly being cynical about everyone and everything is more your vibe

  • GameBoy

    “Daley was 18 and Black was 38. They hit it off immediately and their romance progressed—initially secretly—at a rapid pace”

    Hmm, yeah… that’s quite icky tbh

    • Mack

      Jealous much? lol To each their own. Just because you haven’t been lucky doesn’t mean someone should be attacked.

    • ShaverC

      GameBoy, Bingo. If Tom was a girl people would be all over the age difference, and how young he was when they first started dating. I think Dustin was after Taylor Lautner for a while too… he has a type… young.

    • abfab

      Just so you know, you’re nobody’s type.

    • Joshooeerr

      If you find that “icky”, you mind is so narrow, so constrained by silly, useless convention, so incapable of empathy that it’s a wonder you can function. They’ve been together 10 years, they have two children, they are both successful, evidently happy, harming nobody and, I’m willing to bet, doing far, far more good in the world than the bitter nobodies who feel the need to carp about their relationship.

    • JPB

      No it’s not icky – it’s life and love.

  • GameBoy

    Mack, Where exactly is this “Jealous Much”? I certainly do not want to be groomed by some so-so one note movie director pushing 40 pursuing young boys when turning barely legal… HARD PASS!

    • abfab

      News for all right wing trolls here. News about your favorite leading GOP lady. If it makes you happy.

      Lauren and Jayson Boebert first met when she was 16 and he was 22. They met when he had lunch at a Burger King restaurant where she was working.

    • redzebra1

      Young *adult*. There is no age gap cap between adults. No country in the world has one. It only applies between an adult and minor.

  • GameBoy

    Abfab, I certainly have an type, thank you every much 🙂

    • abfab

      Don’t think everything is about you. That was meant for that shaver person troll.

  • JRamonMc

    Happy birthday Tom, love that birthday cake. Many years of happiness and love to you and your beautiful family!

  • GameBoy

    Abfab, I’m not right wing at the slightest…now I feel disrespected.

    Calling out not so subtle grooming isn’t an negative when this exact article shares the details…

  • nm4047

    so when chicken gets older, (former) chicken wants chicken (to make up for their lost youth on an old man). What happens in another 10 years when Tom reaches the age of Lance when they met, does he just knit jumpers (sweaters) for him in his reclining years?

    • ShaverC

      Good call. I don’t think they’ll last another 10 years, at 48 Dustin’s skin is already getting loose and sagging, upper body starts to get wider.

    • abfab

      No one is interested in a description of what you look like.

    • Openminded

      4047/Shaver, You just showed how shallow and vain you truly are. You can only hope to find what real love is about. It ain’t about abs, hair, and taught skin. That falls under the definition of “Lust”.
      My only concern will be for Tom and the probability that he will lose a life partner at an earlier age than most, but, he’s no dummy and I’m sure that reality was considered when he got serious with Black.

    • ShaverC

      Openminded, I have been with my partner for almost 21 years, so i am lucky to find someone. And no it’s not about abs and hair but my partner and I are only a few years apart and we’re aging together.

    • flim

      In 10 yrs time Tom will be raising a 10 yr old and a 14yr old and probably more kids in all likelihood he’ll be busy and I very much doubt he’ll be decrying some ‘lost youth’ as you put it, also I just find it funny how people have been saying they are doomed ever since they first met and yet they keep not breaking up and in fact are getting more and more entangled in various ways

  • Darson

    I get the feeling that they have an open relationship where Lance picks guys he wants Tom to be f*cked by and Lance chooses the nastiest guys online he can find.

    • Openminded

      Please elaborate on what signs you see that indicate such a hateful comment.

    • flim

      That appears to be your nasty fantasy rather than anyone elses

  • The real Bruce

    So many nasty, bitter comments on here. Only ONE to wish Tom a Happy Birthday! I hope it was a wonderful day for him with Lance and the two boys. The one thing that should keep some of you bitter bitches in line and humble is a mirror. By the way, fyi abfab my friend, Jayson and Lauren Boebert are getting divorced. June is Pride Month! Let’s celebrate our diversity without being so shallow and nasty about differences in age, race, relationships and LOVE. That’s how we get defeated by the haters. LOVE IS LOVE! Go out and share some with one another. It’s the only way we survive.

    • abfab

      My point was in support of age gaps in relationships. I’m sorry for not making that clear. Happy Pride to you, Bruce.

  • abfab

    And happy belated birthday!

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