PHOTOS: “Asian Male Nudes” On View At Paris’ Au Bonheur du Jour Gallery

Running at ParisAu Bonheur du Jour Gallery through May 26, “Nus Masculins Asiatiques” (“Asian Male Nudes”) is a collection of erotic photos taken by  lensman Biron between 1994 and 2005. Since the early 1990s, Biron has focused on multicultural young men visiting his adoptive home of San Francisco.  Featuring 18 models from China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines, “Asiatiques” challenges preconceived notions about Asian male sexuality.

   Click through for more images from “Nus Masculins Asiatiques”

Photos: Biron/The Tom of Finland Foundation


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  • twiterosG

    guy number 4

    i really love pinoy beauties! #rockHard

  • SebX

    That first pic makes me wanna tell him: “It’s not gonna hurt, trust me. I swear.” :p

  • 13Zeroither

    number 4 is the hottest :)

  • KV

    #4 looks 80’s porn HOT!

  • James

    Hot guys

  • JKB

    Very nice….and DAMN that black bar!!

  • andrew

    Meh, they’re all right.

    but nothing beats a super hot Latin guy

  • Valeria Mariscal

    The asian guy is cute;)

  • Valeria Mariscal

    OMG! 345 are so hot and 6 he’s cute!

  • Mikel D McGrew

    These are hardly, “nudes.” Only two are actually naked and they have black boxes covering their business and the rest have clothing.

  • Ogre Magi

    @InscrutableTed: I love Biron’s work!

  • Fitz

    [”Asiatiques” challenges preconceived notions about Asian male sexuality.]

    Really? Where is the challenge? Nice looking guys, but nothing outside of the very standard Rice Queen’s toy fantasy. Show me a hot Asian guy who is over 30, a bit beefy, hung, dom, and then we will talk about challenging the stereotype.

    And yes… they do exist….

  • Cranium

    DA LIL PEEPEEZ R MAKIN ME ANXIOUS. gimme more bread and less butter.

  • kakuy

    I think there may be one guy who fits that description

  • realgay

    Fitz, LMAO!!!

    Pass, not my type. They have that typical blank Asian expression.

  • Allen

    LMAO I agree Fitz.

    I guess the French have moved on from Fetishizing and using black men and women, and Arabic men and women as well as Berbers as sex objects and now Rice is en vogue!

  • Jay

    LOL Allen is correct.

    The French or at least Parisians used to heavily fetishize both blacks, Arabs, and Berbers. Yes it’s a French/Parisian stereotype but it’s a true one.

    Now they’ve moved onto Asians!

  • Frank

    Well at least they switch it up from time to time, unlike the United States, where the sentiment has always been if it’s white it’s right.

  • OrchidIslander


    True that!

    How about, if you ain’t white, you ain’t right….LOL

    #1 reason I love to travel is because many parts of the world are just so much broader.

    Not all, but enough to always make the trips interesting :)

  • TanyaHyde


    I’m so sure that gay Asian males everywhere are lamenting the fact that they are not your type.

    They will never know the wonder of you.

    How will they ever go on?

  • InscrutableTed

    @Fitz: I agree that this is pretty standard Rice Queen stuff. (“Could you wear a few unusual objects to appear more exotic?”, I imagine the photographer asking.)

    There’s a Asian photographer named ADU who does Asian male nudes, and he tends to like his models a bit beefier, usually in natural settings.

  • Hungry

    @No. 24

    Could you give us a link ? Can’t find this photographer on google :-(

  • Timmmeeeyyy

    “Rice queens?” Do you also call Mexican’s “beaners.” Show some respect, folks!

  • Anonymous

    @twiterosG: #thisdoesnotworkonqueerty

  • InscrutableTed

    @Timmmeeeyyy: The term “rice queen” refers to a guy who fetishizes Asians. It doesn’t refer to Asians.

  • Fitz

    @Timmmeeeyyy: Rice queen is a totally appropriate term for the standard 55-65 y/o overweight white guy who fetishizes Asian men instead of seeing them as people. Actually, the term is overly generous to them.

  • takingliberties

    I cannot believe how racist some of you are. Well, yes I can.

  • bossqueen

    just wait till they turn 30… anyone seen a hot mid 40s Asian guy on the streets?? LoL

  • Timmeeeyyy!!!

    I wasn’t familiar with the term “rice queen.” Thank you for pointing out the exact meaning. Even though it may refer to non-Asians, the “rice” part definitely refers to Asians, so it still seems derogatory to me. And another commenter posted “Rice is en vogue” which is certainly derogatory. It’s definitely a term I’ll never use.

  • Fitz

    @bossqueen: I have! I have even rolled with a few. Asian men can make wonderful, sexy middle and older age men. True– they TEND to be diminutive, but I have never settled for “the average” in anything from jobs to housing, to cars, friends, and lovers. Do you?

    There is nothing wrong with the stereotypical 19 y/o silly boy with Hello Kitty earphones and a magna book in the back pocket of his oversized jeans. But there is a range of people out there, and these stereotypical portrayals (especially when they call themselves “challenging the stereotype”) are a disservice on every level.

  • Dave

    @Frank that’s mainly true but I’ve met a lot of racist white men who claim that they are into black men but they just want a racist black male stereotype such as a thug, or they pull out the “big black dick” racist myth/stereotype.

  • nineinchnail

    I like a man with a big dick which is unlilkely amongst this lot.

  • Walt

    From what I have read here Americans have their fair shar eof stereotyping too.
    Has any of the experts on French fetishisizing actually lived or even been to France for some time?

    As to the pictures themsleves – they do not touch me in any significant way – neither erotically nor aesthetically.

  • Tiloman

    I love this beautiful collection. Asian men are moving into the mainstream in big way. Check out some of the hot Asian pop stars like Rain or Tai Yang on YouTube if you don’t believe me.

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