PHOTOS: Boylesque Fever Grips Seattle And New York

Trojan Original

PHOTOS: We’ve been charting the rise of boylesque—the male faction of the neo-burlesque movement—for some time. We even sent an intrepid reporter to take boylesque classes from New York striptease god Go-Go Harder.

Now it appears what was once a tickle has become full-on boylesque fever, with striptease shows popping up on both coasts in the coming months.

On March 1, the biannual Boys! Bois! Boyz! hits the Oddfellows Building on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, where Chicago’s Jett Adore graces the stage. The “the no-pants romancer” is joined by Sir Eddie Van Glam, EmpeRoar Fabulous, Fosse Jack, Trojan and Paris Original, Black and Tan, Man Johnson and genderfuck boylesquer Daddy Le Deviant.

That same night, thousands of miles away, the Show Ponies ride into Gotham with their new show, Wham! Bam! Thank You, Man!, coming to the Cutting Room. The Ponies are a super-group of NYC boylesquers, with Go-Go Harder joining up with Go-Go Gadget and Mr. Gorgeous for a night to remember.

If that doesn’t satisfy your taste for male striptease, Robin Byrd has resurrected her infamous public-access show with The Robin Byrd Show Live!, with the all-guy event on April 10 called Men4Men Live! (Don’t you just wish you lived in New York? There’s naked boy candy falling out of the sky.) Go-Go Harder (clearly the hardest working stripper in Gotham) returns with Mr. Gorgeous, cute contortionist Topher Bousquet and the cast of Rentboy: The Musical.

Clearly boylesque is turning into a serious epidemic with (God willing) no cure in sight.