PHOTOS: Cast & Crew Of “First Period” In And Out Of Drag

If you’re the type of weirdo who hangs out at gay film festivals (and actually goes to screenings, rather than just spending the whole time loitering in the men’s restroom), you’ve surely heard all the chatter about First Period. A sort of hybrid of Heathers plus Strangers with Candy and a little Napoleon Dynamite, the movie follows two outcast high school girls who plot to win a talent contest, vanquish the mean girls, win boyfriends, etc.

First Period popped up at last week’s Hollywood Film Festival, with an overflowing crowd that demanded the addition of a second screening. We stopped by the Arclight in Hollywood to say “hi” and snap a few pics of the cast. Behold, a compare/contrast of the film’s stars, plus a few bonus clips.

Below: stars Dudley Beene and Brandon Alexander III grip each other and grin. And below that: they seem like such nice girls.



Below: We catch a glimpse of Kyle Blich (Jim Nast), Karli Kaiser (Other Heather), Lauren Rose Lewis (Heather), Adrian Burks (John), and Timothy Rathke (Eugene). And below that: the two Heathers in all their glory.




Below: one of the Heathers spends some quality time with a teacher played by Jack Plotnick, whom you loved in Girls Will be Girls and Straight Jacket.



Below: Director Charlie Vaughn with Corey Ziemniak (Editor), and Dudley Beene (Maggie).


One of the film’s most impressive accomplishments is its flawless capture of how mortifying the fashions of the late 80s were. Good grief. This isn’t particularly garish drag, it’s just how everyone looked back then.


Speaking of the humiliations of the 80s, you should probably watch this clip from Teen Witch. You’ll thank us later.

Yaaaaaay movie! Excelsior.


First Period is slowly creeping its way into film fests here and there, so you’ll probably have an opportunity to give it a gander at some point soon. Do it.