PHOTOS: Do You Want Francois Sagat On Your Body?

PHN-SAGATWhen Francois Sagat recently announced he’d retired from starring in adult films,  he also  shared plans to create a line of T-shirts bearing his likeness. Just in time for Pride season, you can wear it out like a porn star. Sagat’s  T-shirts, a collaboration with Parisian designer Pierre-Henri, depict the hirsute star’s face, torso and his famed tattooed hairline. They’re now available at KickSagat.com.

In a recent interview with Queerty, Sagat discussed the inspiration for the line.

“I was always modeling for people so I decided I should create a line with my name,” he said. “I had to have the balls to start something. I’m launching it with a friend, but I’m doing all the designing myself. I think it’s the right time to do it. I’m going to start with T-shirts and if the sales are good, we’ll make accessories and underwear. We’ll see.”

Porn star accessories? The mind reels! Check out other photos from Sagat’s line below.


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