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PHOTOS: Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Changes Status To “Married”

Someone’s due for a status change: Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes married his boyfriend Sean Eldridge on Saturday at their home in Garrison, New York. High-profile guests included FB guru Mark Zuckerberg, Napster founder Sean Parker, Oprah BFF Gayle King, Angels in America playwright Tony Kushner, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

Hughes, 28, has moved on from the ubiquitous social-media site, using his expertise and substantial wealth to work for President Obama’s campaign, start a social network for nonprofits and purchase The New Republic. Eldridge, 25, runs an investment company and founded the finance-reform group Protect Our Democracy,

“[Sean] was very intelligent and charismatic,” recalls Hughes of their meeting seven years ago, when he was a senior at Harvard. “He was very kind and politically engaged, and he cared about the world around us. All of that was very attractive to me.”

Photos: Mel Barlow

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  • Pedro


  • Analog

    Could he not get any bigger names for the guest list???
    This really reflects badly on the gay billionaire community…

  • Spike

    Handsome couple. Makes you wonder why the evangelicals are so terrified by this simple act of love and commitment.

  • Cam

    Congratulations to the couple!

  • Michael

    Chris and Sean…..Congratulations! A great role model for gay and lesbian unions everywhere. Wishing you both all the love and happiness in the world.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Congratulations. I hope you both live long, healthy, happy lives. Thanks for all that you do to help our community.

  • lagunaflipsta


  • Jay

    Congratulations, boys! May you have a wonderful future together and much, much happiness. Do good in the world: you have so much to work with!

  • Tylertime

    a bit young to get married. i hope they signed a pre-nup.

  • Aquarelle

    I see that little Miss Facebook found herself a boy toy. Or should I say a gold digger. Bitch hit the jack pot. Good luck to them, I predict divorce within a year. You’re NOT that cute, little miss Facebook, and you’re NOT better than anybody despite what you may believe, so I hope you signed a prenup because your money is all your little gigolo is after hahahah!

  • MQ

    Beautiful pictures. :)

  • not a clone

    @Aquarelle: why the hate? is it because u were not considered? ohh well i understand, u have to be the old bitter jaded, queen u always wanted to be.. best to you honeyyyyy (with a lisp)

  • Larry

    @Aquarelle: honey…you have some genuine problems…IF you are employed I suggest you use your insurance for some therapy

  • Bipolar Bear

    I wonder how many “status update” and “like” puns there were during the speeches at the reception.

  • Aquarelle

    @Larry: Honey you don’t need to defend her, some other gold digger already snapped her up, you’re not going to become her new kept boy.

    PS: I think it’s hilarious that little miss billionaire with all her money couldn’t find a hotter guy. I’m not a billionaire and my ex is a lot cuter than that person little miss Facebook married.

  • Brandon


    Well, I find it odd that if your “hot ex” was so much better, that he’s an ex and not still your boyfriend. Unless he broke up with you because he couldn’t stand being with such a bitter, obnoxious troll like yourself.

  • Aquarelle

    @Brandon: For you information, honey, *I* dumped *him.* And I didn’t dump him because there was anything wrong with him, he was hot and he had a *very* high paying job but he got sick so I had to end things. But believe me, he was quite a catch.

  • Spike

    @Aquarelle: Now seating angry bitter gay, table of one.

  • Brandon


    So you dumped an otherwise amazing guy because he got sick? Wow, if your health ever takes a turn for the worst, you definitely deserve to be alone and miserable in a hospital room.

  • Aquarelle

    @Brandon: Honey do I look like a nurse to you? He’s the one who got sick, not me, I had my own life to live.

  • joe

    I think it’s great they got married. Just wish they would reconsider they’re support for Obama.

  • Paul

    @Aquarelle: @Aquarelle: Hey, I have an idea, everyone…how about everyone FLAG every single post this Aquarelle asshole writes. That way, we don’t have to listen to his asshole, er…sorry his mouth…and all the shit that comes out of it.

  • Aquarelle

    @Paul: What is your problem with me? You keep talking $hit about me when I haven’t done anything to you. Obsessed much?

  • Aquarelle

    @Spike: “Now seating angry bitter gay, table of one.”

    You meant “table for one” or “party of one,” not “table of one.” Don’t you speak English?

  • Geoff


    My Dear Ms. Aquanette: These two met when they were at Harvard University. And have been together ever since. Seven years. AND you don’t know them. Your comment reeks of superficiality, ignorance, prejudice and blind stupidity. Please, desist in further comments here as you are disrupting an otherwise intelligent discourse.

  • Brand

    That is so charming. Cute couple. I wish them every happiness.

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