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  • Wordsmith

    After about the 12th picture, I stopped looking. How many muscly, tan, shirtless men and drag queens can you post to drive the point home that Pride is about, what, having a gym membership? I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong by pointing out that if I had only kept looking, I would have seen Queerty’s commitment to diversity, but should I have to go in 13-deep? 15-deep? 20-deep?

    A friend of mine took pictures at that OTHER Pride last weekend – Capitol (D.C.) Pride – and his picture stream included children, queer families, parents of transgenders proudly waving banners. Skinny boys, fat lesbians, straight people, the full panoply of what it means to have pride in one’s community.

    And I expect more, a lot more, from Queerty.

    But as I’ve said, I’m sure if I kept looking at the pictures – headline grabbers all – I would have seen the error of my ways.

    Btw, you can check out those photos on His handle is dctim1.

  • George

    All we see are guys in speedos or tranies but what happened to the bikers: two contingents but no pictures. Are there no representatives of the leather community? These queens who take these photos are obviously partisan in who they wish to see on this site.

  • Reggie

    @Wordsmith: I’m looking at the same batch of photos and I’ve already seen more variety than you’ve mentioned. WeHo PRIDE isn’t necessarily the most diverse ethnically.. or in terms of culture necessarily, but I really don’t think you were looking (See photo 6, 8 , etc)

  • LS

    @Wordsmith: Well Said!

  • LS

    @Reggie: I was at pride and there was way more diversity than what is represented in these photos.

  • Chris

    @Reggie: Photo six is a photo of Chaz Bono, who rode in the parade, and photo 8, happens to be a male couple of color, but I believe wordsmith was talking about more than race.

  • WillBFair

    A bunch of brainless, overly puffed gym bunnies. But we’re talking about Hollywood, which may be the shallowest gene pool in the known Universe.
    Culturally, LA is a trailer park, so this is no surprise.
    It’s just sad to see Queerty promoting ghetto culture.

  • Brandon

    LMAO I agree Wordsmith! There are just pictures of gym bunnies, crystal queens, and the LGBT ghetto of WEHO.

  • EyewitnessLA

    I saw photographer prefer to take a picture of MUSCULAR GUYS or WHITE GUYS either at festival and parade. And also a white lesbo in the parade handout FREE STUFF only at MUSCULAR GUYS and WHITE GALS/GUYS. My lesbian friend yelled at her, “HEY, IT’S NOT FAIR”. the white lady ignored her and got the dirty looks. This is like second time happening.

    Photographer wants to make it looks PERFECT PICTURE for the WHITE GUYS/MUSCULAR GUYS but whyyyyy?. Shame on you Photographer.

  • Spike

    GAWD, a Magic Mike float in the Weho Pride Parade. Really, seriously? What part of the movie is gay or remotely gay or has gay characters or the gay experience or at any point are the characters stripping in a gay club??? I’m guessing, no.

    Shameless sell out by Weho Pride. Insulting to assume that a parade that attracts mostly gay males would be interested in a parade entry regarding a movie about str8t boys stripping for str8t older women. Weho pride has hit a new low, just like every time Queerty posts yet another article about the movie, only to increase hits on the site, which translates to increased advertising rates.

  • John

    Shame on all you of you hating on LA pride and the pictures posted.

    You’re just jealous LA is better than wherever it is you live, and the people here are more beautiful and successful than you are.

    We should support the LGBT community, both the beautiful people and the ugly losers, both WeHo culture and culture outside LA, not bitch and moan and whine and complain like a c*nty queen.

  • LA2

    Not just L.A.

    Superficial is EVERYWHERE.

    Jealous?. Bawahaha!. I got a good job and great paid!.

  • LA2

    By the way. very disappointing for L.A. Pride inside the festival. Nothing is NEW. even I’m not fan of Lil’ Kim.

  • Kenneth O

    @Wordsmith: Well said! In fact, since the beer companies took-over as major sponsors, I believe that these so-called Pride Parades are ALL becoming quite “homogenized.” It’s happening all over North America. The old fashioned home town Pride Parade just doesn’t exist anymore. If you know of one… please pass it on!

  • Wordsmith

    @Kenneth O: Budweiser. Aetna. Wells Fargo. Solar Panel companies. Atlantis cruises. If you haven’t been to San Diego lately, that’s what you’ll find at “Pride,” a virtually endless stream of kiosks hawking their wares to cash-rich, homogenized queers sporting “Legalize Gay” tees (profitably made by American Apparel, I’ll add).

    But isn’t that exactly what sites like Queerty and The Advocate and Out and all the rest of them are doing by publishing the same photos, year after year, Pride after Pride? Selling us the homogenization of queer culture?

    Epic Pride fail!

  • Kenneth O

    @Wordsmith: Like I always say about “Atlantis Cruises,” if you’re not young, thin & ripped… you’re NOT wanted on the voyage.

  • Tammy Green

    They are hot!

  • Mike

    Finally finished uploading my own pictures from this weekend. I didn’t think to take a lot of pictures of the crowd / people attending, but I have some shots people were looking for (ie bikers / bears / etc) Have to see if I can find the shots of families.

  • Colin

    @WillBFair: You’re calling one of the most culturally rich and vibrant cities/areas on the planet a “trailer park?” Really? Wow, I agree with @John: Most of you are just jealous of L.A.

    And not everyone needs or wants to see every shade of person or every kind of person at a Pride event. If you have a problem with young fit white guys then suck it up and deal. Go find a minority to hump and knock yourself out.

  • jason

    A lot of these parade participants look like corporate whores. Instead of celebrating gay rights, they’re advertising something. Sad to see the gay pride marches deteriorate thus.

  • kendoll

    What says pride more than gay boys in fashion designed underwear? You go girls.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @EyewitnessLA: So pictures 4, 8, and 14 don’t count?

    And the pictures of Asians and Hispanics?


    As an equal-opportunity slut, I see and appreciate the diversity of men — variety IS the spice of life, and I like my sex extra spicy. What is with the whining about how “white” the men are when, in fact, the pictures reflect a greater diversity than the actual population. In Los Angeles County, the black population is roughly 9%, yet 3 of 14 pictures, or roughly 22%, feature sexy black men.

  • prettygirls

    @The Real Mike in Asheville: Is it only just about the sex though.
    I’ll just wait for Atlanta Pride way better, more diversity.

  • FelixWood

    I just don’t get this.

    I don’t get walking around in underwear as a kind of post-queer message of empowerment and self-fulfilment.

  • Aiden

    @The Real Mike in Asheville: Funny how statistics are only important when talking a bout minority representation.

  • Aiden

    @Colin: Well aren’t you the little privileged asshole.

  • jason

    Those men in the underwear look like paid corporate whores. The undies look all the same. Way to go to empower yourselves…not.

  • tom

    yeah gay pride is for young gays to see how accepted they are. and help self esteem.
    Older gays accept themselves and are not suicidal. Are Gay Pride Parades a bit tacky? sure thing. But lots of fun.

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