Cherry Picking

PHOTOS: Hottest Men Of Miami Heat And San Antonio Spurs


For the sports-minded, a lot of sports going on right now. On Sunday, an English South African won the U.S. Open (that’s golf). We’re in the middle of the Stanley Cup Finals (that’s hockey). And tonight could be the final game of the NBA finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs — that’s basketball, guys. As evidenced by the boys of Boston and Chicago, there’s a lot more to team sports than balls, bats and pucks. Before it’s too late, then, on the following pages find the men of the Spurs and Heat: an appreciation.


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  • Bee Gaga

    I love how there’s like a collection of maybe 8 white players in total on both teams and y’all just so happened to pick 5 of them for the hottest men, really? Mike Miller? Chris Andersen? (Granted he looked hot in that picture but just THAT picture) hell Dwayne Wade isn’t even a cute guy and he looks better than those two and that french guy, girl please. I’m guessing the black men aren’t the type, eh. Typical

  • M

    @Bee Gaga:

    Uh, 8 of the 11 photos feature men of color…are you OK?

  • Bee Gaga

    @M: No 7 of the 11

  • Fidelio

    There’s something about Danny Green that is just so hawt! His 3-pointers? His dance moves? That black leotard on his left arm? Who knows. Clang, clang, fire up the bomberos!

  • Kangol

    LeBron, Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, Cory Joseph, Rashard Lewis, Dwyane Wade, Kawhi Leonard, DeJuan Blair, and don’t forget Shane Battier!

    Lots of hotness on both teams.

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