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  • luvrly

    Well I found me a new pair of underwear. Nothing like a little shear in the morning. HA!

  • michael

    I was doing okay until I opened photo 5. I immediately lost my hard on and can’t seem to get it back. I would remove that one from my portfolio if I were the photographer.

  • Frank

    Sissy twink…next!

  • scottie

    Michael: Agreed on number 5. Go back to number 3 and that will help :)

  • thatguyfromboston

    What’s wrong w/ sissy twink exactly? Delicious, if not nutritious.

  • dlpca

    OK, twink or not, #’s 8 & 13 are really hot, picturesque and authentic works of visual art. Here is another model with the rare “chameleon” quality. Mr. Bailey and photographer deserve kudos for this body of work. So, Great Job! guys…hail to you too Queerty!

  • atdleft

    @thatguyfromboston: Nothing. It’s just that some of us are attracted to twinks and some of us are attracted to beefy boys. That’s all.

  • Ricky

    I like my gingers as much as the next one however.. There is something about this one I cant quite put my finger on..
    His face is a *bit busted.

    yes thats it.

    *perhaps it was the photographer?

  • timncguy

    maybe I have this “twink” thing all wrong, but would anyone identified as a “twink” have pecs and abs anywhere nearly as developed as those in picture #13?

  • Terry

    not a twink, and very hot :)

  • Steven

    Some of those photos were excellent. Very nice model too; love a red head!

  • Superman


  • Chris Bailey

    Just a quick note – Not ginger, dark blonde naturally.
    Bad dye job!

    I’ll do whatever the photographer wants me to do and portray.
    Thanks for all the nice comments!

    For the negative – please submit your body of work and weLl compare!

    CB x

  • Chad Hunt

    boring til #14 then … BOING!

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