PHOTOS: Freddie Mercury As Elizabeth II, Latifah And Other Famous Queens


PHOTOS: There have been many queens throughout history — whether they wore a crown or not — but there’s only been one Freddie Mercury. The legendary frontman gets a royal makeover this summer by artist Chuck Knigge in Long Live Queen Freddie!

The exhibit features oil paintings, watercolors, screen prints and digital illustrations depicting the lead singer of Queen as equally iconic queens, ranging from historic figures, such as Marie Antoinette (above) and Queen Elizabeth II, to pop culture icons, like Queen Latifah and Queen Amidala.

In addition to being wickedly fun, the artist intended the portraits as social commentary, inspired by Mercury’s androgyny and overt queerness, and as a celebration of LGBT Pride Month.

The series will hang in two places this summer — starting June 28 for Seattle Pride, you can see Queen Freddie at Saint John’s Bar and Eatery on E. Pike in Seattle everyday from 2pm to 2am. The show then moves to Tacoma at Fulcrum Gallery, to coincide with Tacoma Pride, from July 12 until the end of the month, with viewings every Wednesday and Friday, 12pm to 6pm.

A portion of proceeds from art sales will be donated to organizations working for equal rights for the LGBT community. And if you’re not lucky enough to be in Washington, check out some of Knigge’s Long Live Queen Freddie portraits below:

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