PHOTOS: Male Figure Skaters Protest AntiGay Russia With Their Gorgeous Mere Existence

From athletes (Dutch snowboarder Cheryl Maas wore rainbow gloves at the Ladies’ Slopestyle event last week) to corporations (Google published a rainbow doodle to mark the beginning of the Olympics), there have been countless protests against the Putin’s AntiGay legislation.

There’s one group of athletes, however, that haven’t done much in the way of protesting because they don’t have to: Male figure skaters.

Since figure skating is arguably the gayest sport (and certainly the most graceful) out there, the fact that these men simply exist is a protest in and of itself. They say gay athletes are not visible in Sochi. For the most part this may be true, until you look in the skating rink.

Scroll down to see photos of some of the gayest moments and costumes in male figure skating.

Gold Medalist Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan dazzles the crowd in this beaded, white lace top paired with black leather evening gloves. (The costume was designed by none other than Johnny Weir, otherwise known as the Gayest Man on Earth.)

Grandmother’s coral blue chiffon blouse never looked as good as it does on Peter Liebers of Germany.

Alexei Bychenko of Ukraine proves that there’s nothing gayer sexier than a figure skating sailor.

OMG! Is that Cher?! …Nope. It’s just Brian Joubert of France.

U.S.A.’s Jason Brown looks like a cross between a matador and Shoshanna from HBO’s Girls. (We mean that as a compliment, of course!)

Italian-Canadian figure skater Paul Bonifacio Parkinson strikes a pose in this fitted green top with black lace lapel.

Bronze medalist Denis Ten of Kazakhstan channels his inner Catwoman in this skintight, black body suit with sparkles.

Liam Firus of Canada cuts a tight figure in this form-fitting, bedazzled one-piece.

OMG! Cher! …Oh, wait. No. That’s just Brian Joubert of France again.

Abzal Rakimgaliev of Kazakhstan keeps it fun with a Pepto-Bismol pink button down and harness suspenders.

Evgeni Plushenko of Russia may have had to withdraw from this year’s games, but he made sure to blow air kisses on his way off the ice.

Last but hardly least is the greatest ice diva of all time, our beloved Johnny Weir, in bright pink calling the whole carnival from his perch as NBC commentator. (That’s Johnny on the right, in case you were born yesterday.)