PHOTOS: Michael Rosen’s “Dirty Secrets” at Maine’s Kymara Gallery

©Michael Rosen

PHOTOS: Photographer Michael Rosen has been documenting the gay sexual underground since the 1970s. Now an exhibit of his work, Dirty Secrets: Sexual Portraits by Michael Rosen is on view at the Kymara Gallery in Biddeford, Maine, through November 30, after a run at New York’s Leslie-Lohman Museum.

Rosen’s photographs, which invite the viewer to step into the world of sexual taboos, are included at the Kinsey Institute and the Leather Archives and Museum and have appeared in books like Sexual Magic: the S/M Photographers and Sexual Portraits: Photographs of Radical Sexuality. He describes the work in this most recent series, which was curated by Kymara Lonergan, as “gritty, cinema verité images of S&M sex scenes; sharply focused, elegantly composed.”

Founded in 1985, Kymara Gallery promotes the creative accomplishments of artists whose subject matter doesn’t lend itself to  traditional galleries or museums.

Photos: Michael Rosen


(All images are details of Michael Rosen photographs except for image #2)