PHOTOS: Move Over Zac Efron, Chris Pratt Is Our Sexy New Man Crush And Here’s Why


Move over Zac Efron, there’s a new stud muffin in town. (But don’t worry, we’ll always love you.)

It seems like only yesterday Chris Pratt was the awkward, chubby guy from Parks and Recreation. Then out of nowhere he posted a shirtless picture of himself to Instagram that left the world speechless. He’d dropped nearly 70 pounds and was looking more ripped and rippled than ever. Now we can’t get enough of the 35-year-old beefcake.

At a charity screening of his new flick Guardians of the Galaxy in New York last week, Pratt posed for an adorable photo with all the kids in the audience. He surprised the group of 200 or so young fans, many of whom came from underprivileged backgrounds and were overjoyed to see Star-Lord in the flesh, with an impromptu meet-and-greet after the film. So in addition to being a total hunk, he’s a nice guy who’s great with kids. Seriously, he might be the perfect man.

Check out these other photos of Mr. Pratt that will make you cream, er, scream.










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  • frubino

    Chris Pratt is a real man for me and so it should be. Zac Efron not not.

  • friscoguy

    So basically he was not worthy until he muscled up, got it.

  • Ihadtosayit

    @friscoguy: yeah sort of true statement…I have always contended that there are a myriad of men out there and the over fascination with muscles in the gay press is sort of a tragic default that can lead others to “believe”…that if you are not that then you are NOT worth…but alas things are changing and their are selections of men for ALL to enjoy…

  • Ihadtosayit

    oops there not their…

  • samwise343

    I’d rather look at a still picture of Zac all day then spend five minutes watching a Chris Pratt interview. He doesn’t seem too bright.

  • TomMc

    @Ihadtosayit: I doubt either of them even know how to spell Mansa.

  • TO

    I remember Queerty posting about the Instagram selfie at the time when he was shooting Gaurdians. I feel like everyone is late to this party, he’s been hot for year, likes to to take his clothes off and has been super funny for ages. Zach is basically a little girl with too much bronzer compared to Chris. Plus, you may not like his sense of humor but he’s no ding dong.

  • Xzamilio

    @TomMc: Or you.

  • Menestratos

    Chris Pratt is one of those guys whom I find hot regardless of their shape; he’s very sexy when muscled up but also sexy with a bigger belly. Regardless of his current body shape, he always has a pretty face, an at least seemingly nice personality, and good sense of humor.


    I’ve liked him since he was the rich, entitled boy in Everwood. He was still cute with a little paunch, but not he is a certifiable hunk.

  • Dxley

    Who the hell wrote this? A 17-year old boy who just got his first boyfriend?

    The punctuation in the title is so wrong. This man’s body is just bigger than Efron’s (which is okay because Efron is younger), not hotter. Efron still has the prettier face — I think most of us can agree.
    His big heart aside, this guy is just normal, and he’s good-looking in a very mild way. There’s nothing breathtaking about his appearance.

    I’m a fan of neither one but Efron is still better, but replacing these two with actual GAY men would be wonderful. Thank you!

  • jdcccw

    I worked on Moneyball for a week with him. I’d never heard of him, so there was no intimidation factor. He was in great shape, very good looking, friendly, funny and hard working… nice to everyone around him, and flirty with the girls in a way that said he appreciated the attention, but he loves his wife. An all-around good guy, so if your affection for him is partially based on the personality he exudes, you’re basing it on who he really is. Kudos on your good taste!

  • odawg

    @friscoguy: I was thinking the same thing.

  • cflekken

    Chris Pratt is like the ultimate man for me. Funny, loveable, and talented. I actually find him a bit more attractive when he was on the heavier side, but he’s crazy hot now as well. He did a really good job in GOTG.

  • SportGuy

    Now this is a drool worthy man! So masculine, handsome, and fit. Glad to finally see real men instead of the teenage girls wet dream of efron/daley. Long live real men like Pratt.

  • vive

    Oh wow, that’s the P&R guy? Who would have thunk? He’s dreamy. That lumberjack picture so makes me want to get on my knees!

    To each his own, but to me Zac Efron is about as sexy as Rush Limbaugh. The guy has zero chemistry.

  • SportGuy


    Trust me vive, your not alone in thinking that! Couldn’t agree more.

  • vive

    @samwise343, smart enough to outearn you (and me) by orders of magnitude, I am sure.

  • crowebobby

    @samwise343: He’s very quick witted in interviews at “playing” the not too bright but funny guy. Don’t know how much of an intellectual that makes him, but I’d bet he’s pretty smart.

  • unclemike

    Anna Faris is a lucky, lucky woman.

  • friscoguy

    Can someone please explain to me what a “real man” is???

  • froufrou

    He is awesome in Parks & Recreation. He and April make such a cute couple. From what I’ve seen of him as a person IRL (during interviews etc), I think he’s an amazing person, from the inside & outside. I’m not attracted to him, but I guess he would be great fun to have a beer with

  • samwise343

    I’ve read a lot of comments in other articles from many of you. I question your intellect as much as I question Pratt’s.

  • DistingueTraces

    @friscoguy: Some of us loved him chubby and still love him cut.

  • MrKev

    I find these non-stop “man-crush” stories about straight guys and closet cases on this site sad. There are so many good-looking gay men out there, so why not try focusing on them and give them attention? If I want to read pathetic stories gushing over mildly attractive straight men I’d go read People Magazine.

  • Marc

    Please, please, please, give us anyone, and a break from Zac.

  • BlackBanshee

    Long since becoming Andy Dwyer I have always loooooooooooooved me some Chris! This man is beautiful and his clumsy character on Parks and Rec makes him one of the sexiest men I ever seen on TV!

  • litper

    Because he’s “straight” and this place is full of straight-worshipping trans queens?

  • litper

    @MrKev: because this place is owned by homophobes who DETEST openly gay men.

  • vive

    @litper, can you only find people attractive if you can theoretically sleep with them? Well, most gay celebrities wouldn’t sleep with you (or me) either I’m sure. I don’t see what this poor guy has done to deserve such vitriol.

  • martinbakman

    Dat’s right gurrl. Step off Zac Effron, ‘less you gotta raccoon in da house.

  • SportGuy

    Chris Pratt and Bear Grylls for the win!! Now that is a dream team :-D

  • vive

    Yeah, don’t know where that came from, but Bear is a hottie too.

  • spencer87

    So fucking pathetic.NOW that he is in great physical shape,he is a “Great”/”talented” actor.When before no one barely even noticed him.Sickening and sad….

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