Chris Pratt’s New Abs Of Steel Are Going To Make You Scream

tumblr_n1777yHO5N1qhj0e4o1_500Great news: The abs of steel Chris Pratt revealed on Instagram last July have improved with time.

The Parks and Rec hunk’s newly chiseled stomach is on full display in a brand new 15-second teaser for Marvel’s latest superhero flick Guardians of the Galaxy.

This is the second time Pratt has dramatically transformed his body for a role (he previously toned up for Zero Dark Thirty and re-gained his portly figure for Delivery Man) and, for the record, is totally aware that his healthier look is landing more roles.

A full trailer is due to premiere during Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight on ABC.

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  • redcarpet

    Probably should pick one and stick with it. The yo-yo thing is really hard on your heart.

  • JdJ

    kudos to him for having the dedication to transform his body. but i like him better as a teddy bear.

  • litper

    Needs more ass!

  • sportyguy1983

    His wife Ana Faris prefers him to be on the chunkier side (as does he). He is an actor and to get his recent acting roles, he had to drop the weight.

  • jeannine

    He is fine as hell. That is all I know

  • Tracy Pope

    I’m one of those geeks that will go see this for the story but yeah, Chris Pratt is looking hot!

    @redcarpet: I had a heart attack at 31 because I did this quickly and without monitoring by my doctor. I know yo-yo-ing is hard on the heart but my cardiologist told me it’s the short time frame the transformation takes from sedentary to fit that is hardest on the heart.
    Those warnings on the work-out regimen adverts about checking with your doctor are there for a reason!!
    It’s a lot easier – and a ton ;-) safer – when you have a slew of trainers and health professionals monitoring your systems (heart, lungs, etc) and diet. Chris Pratt likely has all this available to him simply because the film completion guarantor would require it.

  • BrokebackBob

    The yo-yo weight fluctuation IS very damaging even to young bodies
    and can cause permanent problems with your heart, liver and kidneys.
    Matt Damon lost lots of weight for Saving Private Ryan and didn’t have
    any doctor help him and he damaged his kidneys. I don’t know if he still has issues with his kidneys but at the time he said he was amazingly stupid to do that to his body. Based on his current state of outward healthfulness, hopefully his kidneys are working at full capacity.

  • Cagnazzo82

    @jeannine: Jeannine, if that’s all you know, then you know a lot.

    Cause I second that wholeheartedly! ^_^

  • robirob

    Actors do what they feel is necessary to get cast for roles and be / remain successful in their profession. In a way the method acting apprach (becoming the fictional character you play) can be as damaging to someone’s body and soul as yo-yo dieting where you put your mind and body through stress and hardship by changing your eating and daily health regimen patterns.

  • Niall

    Preferred him when he was “chunkier”. Never really go for that type, but it actually worked for him and he was cute.

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