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PHOTOS: Royal Marines Go Commando For Charity

go-commando-14_cov_2722673kIt’s April so if you’re the sort of person who needs a wall calendar, you’ve probably already got one for 2014. However, if you’re a procrastinator, here’s a late recommendation: Official Go Commando calendar. Come on, who doesn’t enjoy looking at a hot Marine, especially when he’s joined by a group of his fellow enlistees and they all strip down for a good cause like the Royal Marines.

The calendar, which celebrates 350 years of the Royal Marine Corps, features the chiseled servicemen sans shirts and sometimes more in stunning black-and-white photographs taken by Emily Nolan. Proceeds from sales go to the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, which offers aid to military families in times of difficulties and need.

Order your copy of the calendar here.

Scroll down to see a few more images from the calendar.




Photo credit: Crown Copyright/Barcroft Media


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  • jkb

    They obviously need to get to the gym…and I’ll be there to “spot” them.

  • fagburn

    Hurrah for the fetishisation of state military power!

  • Billy Budd

    They are very muscular, but the faces are just average. They are counting on gay guys to help them. Few women are insterested in this kind of material material.

  • carey579

    ^ How many women do you know Billy Budd?

    You go and see the comments on other news site about this article – they’re mostly from women.

    I agree though – they are average guys with muscular bodies – but that’s the point I guess – they’re average guys in the military.

    My favourite is the guy on the left in the last picture. No tattoos, just pure muscular beauty.

  • ryhalvey

    I love a man with tattoos. They make him so much hotter.

  • Maximilian

    ^ Really? What about scars? To me a tattoo is just like an unwanted scar that doesn’t go away.

    I also find it annoying that sexy photo-shoots of women rarely to never have women with tattoos but ours ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ is Adam Levine! O_O


  • Cy

    Love tattoos, so long as they’re not overdone, and find nothing wrong with scars (they’re not beautiful necessarily, but they’re part of life, and can add character). But shave a man’s chest, as all these guys have done, total turn off. Makes them look like plastic mannequins, not real men. Kind of surprising, and disappointing, for marines.

  • carey579

    ‘Real Men’

    What are real men? Are these cyborgs?

    These ‘mannequins’ could break all those phoney ‘au naturale’ hairy hippies/queens with one arm!

  • Cy

    You see nothing phoney about shaved, prepubescent chests on mature men? Give me an au naturel man anyday, and you may have all these boys and maybe (if there’s time between Nair treatments) we’ll both be happy.

  • carey579

    ^ To me shaving yourself is as phoney as brushing your teeth or bathing or any other routine to make yourself look better.

    So when you stop practicing all those other non ‘au naturale’ habits – then come back at me.


    Do you literally mean that having fur or not is the difference between you getting it up or not? Do people care that much?

  • Stevenw

    They would have looked so much better without the copious baby oil imo.

  • Cy

    @Divkid you betcha. I’m a fur man, as I’m sure everyone has a type. Not that I couldn’t get it up if I had to, but probably wouldn’t have gotten that far to begin with. Simply would have passed it over and gone for something more my type. And of course people care that much, including them. Why would they do it otherwise?


    @Cy: where do you draw the um fuzzy line..Is back or shoulder waxing permissible with you?

  • Cy

    @carey579 To me brushing teeth and bathing are matters of good personal hygiene, something I think everyone should do for the preservation of good health. Shaving, on the other hand, falls into the category of person grooming. It has no benefit to health, aesthetics only. Big difference. By your logic, all men who brush their teeth and bathe should also include shaving their bodies, no thank you. But hey, if it pleases you, go for it.

    @Divkid Ummmm, fuzzy line. Now you have me fantasizing. For more details, keep in touch.


    I can go Jacob or Esau. No preference. It’s all good…when it’s on a young body. Hairy and fat and greying is an combination from the very bowels of hell. Actually Its not true to say I have no preference because back/shoulder hair is a deal breaker! Also, though I can tolerate looking at a hairy ass I absolutely couldn’t DO anything. The entire region must be first cleared with agent orange. I’m too lazy to shave myself though LOL. Hey you lucked out enough already anyway!

  • NJjoe

    Good looking men with incredible bodies. Love that tats but miss the hairy chests. I know shaving for definition of the muscles, but a hairy chest is so attractive to me. The smooth-twink look is not my thang.

  • jwrappaport

    I really should have chosen a different career path. I certainly wouldn’t mind going into work with these fine lads.

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