PHOTOS: Sarah Silverman Leads San Francisco’s World-Class Pride Parade

The queer mecca of San Francisco celebrated Pride yesterday, with religion-mocking, potty-mouthed Sarah Silverman at the head as Grand Marshall, along with Glee’s Dot Jones and Drag Race star Carmen Carrera. Also bring the fabulous were former mayor Willie Brown,  Bishop Disani Christopher Senyonjo, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, current mayor Ed Lee, The Harvey Milk Democratic Club, Marriage Equality USA, San Francisco Police Officer Pride Alliance, the ACLU of Northern California, Macy’s, Walden House, HRC and other community, activist and commercial groups.

The million-strong rainbow brigade made its way down Market Street, winding up at Civic Center Plaza with a six-hour party that saw  KarminJessica Sutta, Ssion and Kimberly Caldwell all performing under a sunny sky.

Click through for more images from SF Pride 2012. And submit your own Pride photos in the GayCities Pride Photo Challenge to win great prizes.

Photos: totocebu, piyush.k

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  • Heather

    Why was Sarah Silverman the grand marshall? Isn’t she… straight?

  • Stephen

    @Heather Watch a few episodes of the Sarah Silverman program… You’ll understand why. Beyond providing the only realistic portrayal of a gay couple on TV, she’s also challenged lot’s of other stereotypes of gay people in her comedy… She’s a straight ally who’s also a hero.

  • Charlie

    Glee’s Dot Jones was a Grand Marshal as well. Great parade as always.

  • Dinodogstar

    Whatever Heather, OK, you’re right, we need to have Ms. Silverman’s writen testament of a a detailed sexual history, proerly noterized, with any same-gender crushes, kisses and flitations duly noted in full… allys are always welcome,and our divas are given first preference…

  • Oh well

    I don’t think I like the idea of straight celebrities hijacking gay Pride. Now the headlines on Pride are not about Pride; the news articles become about Sarah Silverman, Paris Hilton, and so on. Isn’t it the purpose of Pride to increase the visibility of gay people, provide role models to gay people who might not be out, and provide a sense of community to gay people? Wouldn’t a gay role model be a better choice?

  • DB

    As usual, I marched with my Church in San Francisco Gay Pride. We also had a booth in the festival. It was glorious and wonderful as always. Sarah Silverman was a great grand marshal.

  • DB

    @Oh well: There have always been heterosexuals involved in Gay Pride. The gay community is not the Ku Klux Klan. We love our heterosexual allies; if we discriminated on the basis of sexual orientation then we would be defeating the whole point of Pride.

  • WillBFair

    Where are the disco floats? That is the whole reason for Pride, IMHO. Without the disco float, it’s just a bunch of people walking down the street.

  • Tom Strohecker

    I had the pleasure of being there, and participating in the mother of all pride events.
    It was SO much fun!
    I participated in the assembly of the “pink triangle” on the hillside on twin peaks over looking San Francisco, what an honor to be a part of such a meaningful tradition.
    This city makes one feel so good about being gay, I feel like a part of society instead of a separate group that has to be treated delicately.

  • jeff4justice

    I wish I would have been there so I could ask Willie Brown why he denies the SF Chronicle report that he had advanced warning to not travel a few hours before 9/11 even though it’s still on their website today?

  • Spike

    How wonderful to see that SF Pride also has boys in their underwear in their parade. What would a Pride Parade be without boys in their underwear?!!?

  • DB

    @Tom Strohecker: Thanks so much for helping to build the giant pink triangle on Twin Peaks. It is so amazing to be able to see this symbol from throughout the City during Pride. It is hard to beat Gay Pride in San Francisco. I do love that the holiday is celebrated and embraced by everyone including heterosexual people. Even random Chinese and Filipino bars in outer western and southern neighborhoods fly rainbow flags or have ‘Happy Pride!’ greetings or menu specials.

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