PHOTOS: The Sexiest Cosplay, Artists, And Geeks At FlameCon


Flame on, homosexual nerds. This weekend was FlameCon, the queer comics/art/entertainment convention in Brooklyn, and there was no shortage of fabulous cosplay and artistry on display. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite instagram photos to share with you, and hopefully we’ll see you in a few of these shots at FlameCon 3 next year.

Here’s Daxclamation posing with a sexy bara shirt and a sexy bara mustache:

Alas, someone allowed MANstique to put pants on. What a calamitous oversight. We demand a return to the nudity of the first film.

Here’s some classic X-Men realness. We dare you not to hear the animated series theme song in your head when you look at these heroes.

A brilliant interpretation of Aurora’s color-changing dress. Well played, Princess.

Woof! Super sexy wearable art on super sexy men.

Hello, crime fighters. Bring us to justice, please.

#FlameCon 2016 as the Latern Whorps

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Oh, look, a package delivery.

Various Stevens and gems were present for maximum millennial feelings.

#flamecon #flamecon2

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Naturally it wouldn’t be a comic convention without the Gay Comic Geek present, and poured seductively into a skin-tight outfit.

#flamecon2 #flamecon

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Some fabulous costume design here from start to finish.

So much better than Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy.

No Tuxedo Mask necessary for these independent women.

Sailor v? #ftw #cute #venus#flamecon

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What a perfect pairing! Just don’t feed the plants.

We could just admire these costumes endlessly.

Delirium and Dream! #Flamecon

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Truly outrageous! But to be honest, the Misfits’ songs really are better.

#FlameCon #FlameCon2 #cosplay #Jem #Dazzler

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Into every generation, a Barb is born.

Awesome Barb cosplay at #FlameCon2 this weekend! #FlameCon #FlameCon2016 #strangerthings #barblife

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We’d know that sexy Aedan Roberts torso anywhere. You’ve captured our heart once again.

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what’s cosplay and what’s just straight up fetish wear.

Ahhh!! I love Wiccan!! (Cosplayed by @the_dur7 ) Yaassss to #queer #superheroes ? #flamecon #flamecon2

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A rainbow of fruit flavors.

#lanterncorps #flamecon2 #flamecon all colors of the lantern corps are here.

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A fantasy come true!

We normally insist on Josh Trujillo doing Waluigi, but he was probably busy at his booth (get his book, Death Saves!) and we can’t resist a sexy chest.

Waluigi! #Flamecon

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A gathering Storm.

#storm #xmen #marvel #flamecon #flamecon2 #brooklyn #iphonegraphy #cosplay

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If this is a mutation, we can’t leave humanity behind fast enough.

Not the entire Lantern Corp, but most. #Flamecon #gaygeek #gaynerd #cosplay #DCComics

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That’s enough for now. See you next year, flamers!

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