PHOTOS: Sexy DILF Puts Younger Male Models To Shame In Tight, Tight Undies

Once again, Farhad Z proves that age is just a number while posing in the latest FU e=fu8 underwear collection. The 43-year-old, silver-haired DILF puts his younger male colleagues to shame in these sizzling new pics by photographer Sam Devries

Need proof? Scroll down to see Farhad rocking in red, white, and blue, paired with 20-something male counterparts.

Farhad 2-2


Farhad 3-1


Farhad 3-2


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  • Franco C.

    You know I’m probably alone on this, but I don’t mind seeing a more diverse range of body types. Visibly defined muscles are nice and all, but so is a beer belly.

  • Masc Pride

    We finally get back shots this time around. Nice. The 43 y/o has the best bottom. Farhad is certified “hot masc meat”! :P

  • Tackle

    This is not cool. There was no need to make comparisons and say what was said. No one is putting anyone to shame. All the models are in great shape and look good. What’s hot is subjective. ..


    I am amused at what you consider a DILF. A little grew hair and over 30. It could be my son. I think of them as a mature man, not a twink.

  • mjmarkic

    Love him…wouldn’t hesitate!!!

  • morgan riggs

    @Franco C.: Totally agree with you! There are some guys that can totally rock a lovely beer belly, and be blistering hot.

  • revjshoregoss

    sorry but how do these guys come under the title DILF? I like some meat on the bones not someone you need to tie down in the wind!

  • erasure25

    @revjshoregoss: You didn’t read the article. There is only one DILF. He is compared to non-DILFs is similar poses…

  • vive

    He’s not bad-looking but if he is only 43 I’m princess Leia.

  • barkomatic

    @vive: Agreed. He’s hot but looks closer to 50.

  • Saint Law

    It’s interesting given all the sex older blokes get from younger that this isn’t reflected more in the gay media.

    Possibly because it’s older blokes who run that media and so many of them seem solely in to younger blokes.

  • KiDAciDic

    @revjshoregoss: So basically you like fatties, cause those guys are waaaay too muscular to be budged by a breeze.

  • WT-NZ

    @Farhad Z: Holy fuck Mr Farhad! You are incredibly sexy and the epitome of a DILF! I would ;)

  • Masc Pride

    @Farhad Z: Ignore these bitter biddies. They only try to tear down the hot ones. ;-)

  • Black Swan

    I think you just chose the wrong young male models as a representation of young male models… But Farhad Z is nice to look at. I would love to spend an evening with such a gentleman in his company. In fact, I’d pray that he’d get dirty after I “unwittingly” knocked back a few drinks.

  • Black Swan

    @vive: Ha ha ha! Loved that.

  • BBellairs

    @Farhad Z: I don’t suppose you happen to live in Michigan, say the Northern Detroit suburbs? If not, I don’t suppose you’d like to visit? Soon?

  • Black Swan

    @Black Swan: Oh, I didn’t see. He actually responded to you. You lucky queen.

  • Black Swan

    Hey sexy. Why are you actually exactly online at this very moment? I just checked out your pictures. You are quite a man to behold sir.

  • Blackceo

    Yes cat daddy!!!!! Ive always had a thing for older men and good lord jesus have mercy he is sexy.

  • kyler09

    One thing is certain they are all in great shape, I just do t get why you need to differentiate between them. They are all good looking guys to me.
    Btw, I have no idea at a DiLF is and I don’t feel like googling it, pls don’t use acronyms to define people.

  • BadSeed

    @kyler09: Yeah, WTF is a DILF?

  • odawg

    @Farhad Z: LOL! Great response!

  • odawg

    @vive: You do realize some people end up with grey or white hair before other people do. If not, you need to get out and meet more people.

  • BadSeed

    @odawg: Can’t be good if even a Queerty-certified DILF wont say!

  • rbjnla

    Glad that older guys are getting some coverage. When I was in my 20’s and 30’s people older than 40 just disappeared. Every one in adds, mags and promotion were young. Now I just turned 50, seeing conversations, articles, movies including older gay men as still sexy, makes me feel good.

  • Sebizzar

    @Tackle: Agreed, the comparisons were unnecessary and a bit rude. He is hott as is!

    And idk why people have a problem with DILF? Hetero guys use MILF all the time for women in their 40s, that is the whole point of these terms to classify a specific age range.

  • Sweet Boy

    Where are the DILFS?

  • jd2222248

    Older guys are like wine………with age, it only gets better. :-)

  • LuckyboyLA

    When I was 21 in Hollywood out in bars, guys my age held no interest for me. Mid 30’s and up, men like Farahd are what I went after. I wanted sex w/MEN. Then I started to hang out in Leather Bars. Got a bit dicey separating the ‘men’ from the Butched up
    queens. I learned quick. :))

  • Sweet Boy

    @jd2222248: Not all DILFS are created equal…some are like wine, some are like fish

  • toshafree

    Those are not the daddies I am checking for. I want a daddy with a tummy and who is hairy

  • JennyFromdabloc

    These guys are hardly DILFs. It would be great to see some sexy silver foxes now and then.

  • TVC 15

    @vive: Some men gray sooner than others. I can believe he’s 43. I’ve seen guys in their 30’s with gray hair. I’m 40, and I have very very few. Anyway, the man is hot, period.

  • BlogShag

    LOL! He looks much older than 43. And they are comparing two different body types – an ectomorph vs an endomorph

  • BlogShag

    @Franco C.: I beg to differ. Beer bellies are disgusting, and most people think the same as I. Fat and beer bellies and obesity send a sense of a strong signal of unhealthiness or bad genes to a person’s mind. That’s why most people don’t like the way it looks

  • BlogShag

    @revjshoregoss: Wow! Did you pass grade school reading comprehension classes?

  • BlogShag

    @JennyFromdabloc: Another idiot who can’t read . Read the freakin’ article. Don’t just look at the pictures like kids. Kids. That explains it.

  • topshelf

    When I see men like this walking down the street, it just makes my day!

  • BritAus

    @Farhad Z: BOOM! Hope that shut’er up :-D

  • BritAus

    @kyler09: It stands for Dad I’d Like to Fuck.
    Nothing at all about defining a person.

  • BritAus

    @BlogShag: Well most people are shallow and vain and don’t have a soul. Everyone can’t have the same vacuous taste as you.

  • sammount

    So a Daddy to me is some one old enough to be my Father


    That body might be able to pass for 43, but the face looks way older.

  • DaturazChild

    All of you arguing whether or not he is 43 make me rock with laughter. I don’t give a [email protected]#$ if he’s 53. I would get on that bus and ride it until the last stop and then ride it all the way back home. LOL. And why are we so ageist? Everyone has their own tastes. I don’t know why we have to cut down someone else’s to make our own seem real or valid. The gay community wants acceptance but we often fail to accept our own. Some people like older men, some like younger, black, asian, latino etc…

  • DaturazChild

    @TONYREMO: I think he has a handsome face but it won’t matter if one of your faces is buried in a pillow screaming… just saying’…..

  • da90027

    Some of the remarks above are sad. We all like different things and I dont bash or care what turns someone else on. I dont think 43 is old Im almost 54 and dont see that as old …i hate these comparison articles apples and oranges and you cant make everyone happy at once.

  • Michoel

    I meet many a man in his 60s fitter and healthier – and sexier – than a great many young guys. What is age? A healthy and fit body, mind and spirit is all that counts.

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