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  • tallskin2

    Cute skinny twink

    just to annoy all the fat lovers on Queerty

    Keep it up boys!

  • Lefty

    He’s amazing. Probably the best I’ve seen on Queerty.

  • Lefty

    Best model and best photos, I mean.
    Usually if the model’s cute/interesting, the photos are sexless or boring or vice-versa.

  • Sean

    WOW! This is what would’ve happened if Brent Corrigan were 4 inches taller and 20% prettier. He’s gorgeous.

  • Lefty

    Can’t believe Queerty didn’t include this one :P


  • Matthew

    This Comment board is shallowtastic! ^_^

  • Lefty


    And fellatio. Don’t forget fellatio!
    Just the pretty ones, mind…


    Sex is wonderful.
    I’m sure someone will take pity on you one day and you’ll find this out for yourself. :)

  • Anyway

    Fuck yeah, Francisco Lachowski!

  • Tom


    Actually, Brent Corrigan may need these images to jerk off with if THIS story leads to prison time.


    I am sorry I get carried away with my posts sometimes guys…….You have to realize I am really, really cranky lately. I have been getting barebacked a lot recently at my favorite cruise area. I just love having men fuck my fat ass and dump their loads in my ass. After that, I have to waddle down the stairs to my filthy apartment in my Mommy’s house and sit while the swelling goes down. Being that I am so grossly obese (350 pounds last time I was able to fit on a scale!) it is tough to find a good position to sit without being in so much pain……..I hope you can understand. Thanks!

  • nineinchnail

    @Sean: Yeh but Im willing to bet $$$ he aint got what Brent has packed away in his underwear.

  • Adam

    He is stunning.

  • Frank

    When did Hilary Swank start modeling?

  • NAP79

    Lord I thought I was looking at an ultrasound!

    Do we all have to register as sex offenders now?

  • Sean

    @Tom: Well he did kill that guy and burn his house down.

  • Sean

    @nineinchnail: Brent actually isn’t that big. He’s just 5’6″ tall and has a 26 inch waist. The same goes for most gay porn stars. Short, tiny, so their average to slightly-above average sized dicks look huge.

  • JohnnyTrue

    He’s adorable!

  • rodrigo

    mmm a little angel must have fallen from the sky.


  • Tessie Tura

    Who does he model for? Garanimals?

  • Marc in Chicago

    He smokes. Blechhhh!

  • Caleb

    People here are flirting a little too much with pedophilia for my liking. That “model” looks 16 if a day.

  • lizcivious

    I’m sick of this “pedophilia” BS that always comes up when a young model is shown. This beautiful young man is not a child. He is a professional model. Models have their pictures taken so people can look at them. Models are usually young and young men have been featured in paintings and sculpture for centuries because their bodies and faces are aesthetically pleasing to view. Females as young as 14 appear in more suggestive poses than these in major magazines for all, including older straight men, to look at and appreciate. Playboy’s models are often in their late teens. You don’t think straight men are ogling their pictures and feeling guilty that they’re pedophiles, do you? Writer Christopher Isherwood at 51 had a lovely teenage boyfriend who remained with him for the rest of his life and was at his bedside when he died in his 80s. It was a beautiful relationship, not a pervy, nasty thing to be ashamed of. That said, Francisco Lachowski is one of the most gorgeous human beings I’ve ever seen. Bless his parents.

  • Josh

    @lizcivious: THANK YOU! Are we, as gay men, supposed to be so petrified of false accusations of pedophelia that we aren’t allowed to appreciate a young man in the prime of his (perfectly legal aged) life? Or are those proclaiming their status as non-pedophiles hiding something? Seriously, methinks Nap, Tessie and Caleb protest too much…

    If this handsome, perfectly legal young man isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine. Everyone has their own tastes. But how about we leave the passive-aggressive – and wildly inaccurate – accusations of perversion to our enemies, huh?

  • hephaestion

    I dunno. He looks like he’s maybe 13 to me. I do feel he is too young to be featured here.

  • Rob Moore

    I see we are back to the under developed type. I know he is someone’s fantasy, but I would be afraid of hurting him if I wasn’t extra careful.

  • Jase

    @Caleb: Pedophilia refers to prepubescent kids. I don’t know any prepubescent 16 year olds

  • Sean

    @hephaestion: He looks older than 16 drama queen.

    He looks 16 at the youngest and 20 at the oldest.

  • Heydrich Mueller

    Queerty is late with this one, I have been obsesssing over him for months. And he is 19, Polish-Brazilian….need I say more?

  • Superman

    Meh. Too much Joseph Gordon-Levitt circa Third Rock from the Sun. Pass. Bring him back once the pubes start growing in.

  • Silver

    I feel like I’m flipping through a high school yearbook. He’s pretty to look at, I’m not going to dispute that, but that’s about it. The only picture that I’m attracted to is the one of him smoking the cigar, sadly. I detest cigars…but at least he looks over the age of 16/17 there.

  • Lefty

    @ SILVER

    Stop flipping then. Dilemma over ;)

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