PHOTOS: These vintage gay Pride photos are absolutely everything

Amateur photographer Alan Light had no idea he was capturing a special moment in LGBTQ+ history when he brought along his camera to various Pride festivals in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Now these vintage gay pride photos offer a glimpse into what the world was like for LGBTQ+ people at that time.

Little did he know that the pictures he snapped would serve as a powerful reminder of what Pride is and has always been about.

“It never occurred to me at the time that they would be looked at as history,” Light, who is now retired and living in Iowa City, tells Queerty. “Or that they could one day I could share them easily and widely on something called the internet. I was just attracted to the rich photographic opportunities the events offered. I have always enjoyed photographing people, and my camera is attracted to the beautiful, mostly, and occasionally the bizarre.”

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Light says over the years Pride has taken off in a way he never expected, with more mainstream corporate sponsors and big name celebrities getting involved with each passing year.

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“Pride seemed like a huge event then, but looking back it is quaint compared to those of today,” he says. “Also, nobody then had tattoos.”

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