PHOTOS: Tom Daley — An Appreciation


PHOTOS: This morning, the heavens opened up and Tom Daley did a triple gainer from the right hand of God into our hearts. And our pants.

Mostly out pants.

The 19-year-old Brit Olympic diver came out as bisexual in an emotional video to the delight of…I guess anyone who loves a tight, little body in a tight, little Speedo. In honor of that tight, little body and that even tighter, littler Speedo, here are some pics and gifs of Tom Daley being the Sexiest Man Alive.

Sorry, People, but Attitude beat you to that punch months ago. And Adam Levine doesn’t look nearly as hot soaking wet. So here’s to you, Tom Daley. Call me.

Here’s to a unique understanding of shirts and their purpose:

Tom Daley Photo Shoot GIF 1Tom Daley Photo Shoot GIF 3202230-505ca355891d9Tom-Daley


Here’s to being obnoxiously adorable:


Here’s to lovin’ them ho-ho-ho’s:



Here’s to being one of the best divers around — I guess. I mean, who the hell watches diving?:tumblr_m91o3jlzxw1r7upxytumblr_m85lwhfmdP1rxk9f9o1_400tom-daly-speedo-diving

And here’s to your hot teammates, because it’s nice to spread the sexy around:

peter-waterfield-tom-daleyTom Daley on the Beach - 2012 b tom21369165041538666Yay, we’re hot!

Here’s to creative ways of disrobing: tom-daley-shirtless-gif-2013tumblr_m8k1xmVnzq1qg105ao1_500tumblr_m7vmwkKiXr1r6svw3o1_500

And here’s to putting in twerk with aforementioned hot teammates:

tumblr_m8skg1Wyfv1rcfrolo1_500tumblr_inline_mnb7iiBWdl1qz4rgptumblr_lz7yp8MQMM1qa9vqgo4_2502I could watch dude in the middle ALL. DAY. And have been. Work, shmirk.

And most importantly, here’s to telling the truth:


Because Spongebob’s a big fan of the truth:tumblr_mvewlmGFtp1sm0t70o1_500Photos: The Internets

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    Seems like a nice kid.

    If cookie sniffers are your thing you could do a lot worse.

  • DonW

    Such a shy lad!

  • Dxley

    That picture of SpongeBob licking his body just completely ruins my childhood, but I still think it’s funny.

  • startenout

    I very much appreciate your appreciation! :)

  • Camsean01

    I would love my own Tom Daley

  • newecreator

    Oh god! The gifs!

  • jmmartin

    @Dxley: I hope you realize that this plays right into the hands of Rev. Pat Robber’s Son, who condemned the producers of “Spring Bob” for allegedly peddling the gay lifestyle in cartoon form to ensnare youth into the homosexual agenda. Nice going, guys! Now, he will claim he has proof of what he has been saying all along.

  • stranded

    I’m gonna guess and say his secret bf is either Chris Mears or Jack Laugher

  • Dxley

    @jmmartin: then he’s a stupid fool. I only meant that as a joke. Why so uptight?

  • Harley

    @jmmartin: along with the Pink Panther, the Tella Tubbies, Bugs Bunny, The Seven Dwarfs, I could go down the list. Right wing ideologues will use anything to prove that gays are recruited as children. It’s not true and never has been true. God made us the way we are. Get over it.

  • Anne J. Pine

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  • jwtraveler

    I haven’t been so shocked since Anderson Cooper came out. Nevertheless, he’s extremely cute.

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