PHOTOS: Tom Hardy Fully Exposed As You’ve Never Seen Him Before


We may have just entered the year of the monkey, but from where we sit, it’s been the month of the Hardy.

They say the third time’s a charm and in the case of Tom Hardy nude photo incidents, the rule holds up.


In case you missed the last two, we’ve seen his bubble butt get a good whipping and then climb into a small boat.

The latter of the two had the potential for a full-frontal view, but the censorship gods were feeling trigger-happy that day.

But not today.

Here are the uncensored, NSFW versions, which settle the age-old question: Does Tom manscape?

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  • Airon Cameron

    You people are so new. Guess you haven’t see Bronson? He’s nude and in better shape.

  • Jack1857

    I am really glad Tom keeps it all natural. I am sure dudes will disagree but I think it looks great. I am in my 28. As a gay guy in my early 20’s I felt a lot of pressure to trim or shave. trimmed a few times and hated it. When I stopped a few year back every time I took my pants off I thought the guy would be turned off but found that never happened and more often than not guys were turned on by all natural. Not saying it is wrong or right (To each there own) but glad Queerty posted a dude who is not plucked, trimmed or shaved down there. It took a celebrity but still. Stay hairy Tom!

  • Sweetie Pie

    Not impressed….

  • Edgar Daniel Torres

    Christina Sangre you might interested in this lol

  • Bill Mountrey

    No big thing. Literally.

  • Paco

    Oh look. A man with a normal body and average sized penis exhibiting a natural masculine appearance that doesn’t look like a caricature. Not something you see everyday on a gay website. It’s usually one extreme or another. I would like to see more of this, Queerty.


    his body confidence is extremely sexy. . he’s not sexually objectifying himself for your approval. he doesn’t give a fuck what you think

  • socaldesign

    @Billy Budd: Ice cold lake in the middle of winter. Few men wouldn’t have severe “shrinkage” under those circumstances. Agree with Paco, Hardy exhibits a real freedom out there.

  • mz.sam

    Tom looked his best in ‘Warrior’ eventhough he hated his MMA training regimen for the film. Yet, the physical results were phenomenal.

  • Justin Divas

    I retract all previous criticisms of the quality and agenda of queerty

  • Captain Obvious

    Tom’s little not so hardy has me not caring that he doesn’t want to publicly bat for our team.

    He looks like an average guy though, he’s never seemed to try to be one of the pretty boys in his private life. One look at his old Myspace(fun fact, Myspace was… and still is mostly used by closeted gay guys) made that obvious.

  • Desert Boy

    Hot man but tiny weenie.

  • Glücklich

    I’m sure Mr. Hardy is beside himself with anguish over criticism of his appearance by the Queer-nut gallery.

  • Xander Blu

    Juan M. Rodriguez ??????

  • tricky ricky

    it isn’t like we ain’t seen the goods before. although I do believe he was shaven. given this is a period piece set in 1814 it would be unlikely the character was manscaped.

  • Greg Taylor

    The ass needs work…

  • Mykey

    He’s gorgeous! A grower for sure! And those sensuous lips…

  • brandon

    Good lord, I feel bad for the 80% of us that have avg to above avg dicks that visit queerty on a regular basis haha. What a big dump on our confidence. You would think we’re doing you a favor by not contributing to your everlasting rose bud by age 50 that us normal guys would get more praise. But hey! To each their own! That traffic cone isn’t gonna f#$k itself!

  • Mark Hislop

    Lindsay Rowlands Paula Tasker

  • Spike

    Wow, he has a dick, shocking, who would have thought?!!?

  • Spike

    @David Beighton: Just maybe might it occur to you that the air and water temp could be on the cold side?

  • heckles202

    @David Beighton: It’s not like it was ever going to go into your thirsty mouth or hungry manhole, so what do you care?

  • BigWill

    @Paco: Ah, if only that were an average body, at least in the U.S., where even though he’s not in top-top “Bronson” shape, that’s still a better body than 90 percent of men.

    And no one here knows if that’s an average-size penis; it may be while flaccid, but he could be a grower.

    In any event, he’s a gorgeous, sexy man (those lips!).

  • stranded

    All these “small” “must be a grower” comments are the reason why male nudity is rare in Hollywood actors. If you agree that you shouldn’t body shame people for being fat or saggy why shame guys for being average or small

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