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  • Javier

    The most effeminate male clothing store I have ever seen. Despite having a huge underwear stock, they don’t even sell mainstream boxer briefs, which most dudes wear today. Never would buy anything from here.

  • Christopher

    @Javier: I think the whole point of the store is that if you want “mainstream” stuff you can go to Macy’s like everybody else. The purpose of Universal Gear and all the “gay” stores in NYC! weho, etc is to sell the items that aren’t mainstream. Even if it’s not for you, there are ,any who appreciate the existence of such stores.

  • Christopher

    @Christopher: *many

  • Spike

    Yet another underwear posting, someone at Queerty is getting some serious freebies in the mail.

  • JAW

    Century 21… They have the best selection and is very cruisy… Esp around lunch time.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I don’t want to be a body fascist, but these models must spend hours a day in the gym to look like this. Outside of “modelling” what do they do to earn a paycheck?

  • ggreen

    Thousands and thousands of ladies’ panties sized for middle aged gay men.

  • JP

    #4 looks great. The DJ in #7 is cute too.

  • Well

    Yum! The two guys in the boxers are hot, especially the untanned one!

  • yaoming

    fur, please

  • BriGuy

    Yay, now even more gay men can look exactly the same and put me to sleep! LOL I love how @Christopher points out that this isn’t for “mainstream” men, and yet this has become exactly the “mainstream” for so many NYC gays. It’s just leaving one bubble for another one. But … as long as it makes people happy :)

  • Seth

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: it’s called injecting roids. Not natural

  • Black Pegasus

    The Black Guy looks Hot!!!

    ….oh wait.

  • Alan Michaluk

    So much jealous bullying…

  • Hillers

    Since it’s called Hell’s Kitchen I’m assuming there are places to eat there? The poor dears…

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