Flaunt it

Pietro Boselli leaves nothing to the imagination in his see-through Calvins

It feels like millennia since we’ve had an update from physique model Pietro Boselli (it’s been two months), but now everyone’s favorite math teacher/hallucinatory hunk is waltzing back into our lives, and revealing even more of himself than ever before.

You might not think it possible, as we’ve seen him playing “strip-rock, paper, scissors“, modeling all manner of stretchy swimwear, working out with very little clothing on (we hear it helps the muscles breathe), and just plain posing in his underwear.

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And while his latest shoot for Flaunt Magazine is indeed just another underwear shoot, the introduction of see-through material means there’s a lot of Pietro to feast your eyes on.

To view this mildly-work-un-friendly batch of photos, head here.