Pizza Condoms Are Officially A Thing

pizzacondomleadJust when we thought we’d seen it all, a new brand of pizza-inspired condoms have hit the market.

Russian designer Marina Malygina created a rubber for people who like sex and food equally. The condoms, which are called “Seriax,” come in a miniature-sized pizza box. Inside is a condom wrapped to look like a pepperoni pie.

Malygina says the idea came from an episode of Friends where Joey is asked the impossible question: If given one option, do you choose food or sex? The answer is obviously both.

Scroll down for other strange, cool, ridiculous, and absurd condoms…


Phosphorescent condoms

No more fumbling around in the shadows. Phosphorescent condoms glow in the dark and are appropriate in almost any situation.


Bacon condoms

For those who prefer a side of meat with their meat.


KISS “kondoms”

Because who wouldn’t want to be penetrated by the face of Gene Simmons?


Louis Vuitton condoms

These babies give whole new meaning to the term “label whore.”


“Fun Bumps” condoms

Typically when we think of bumps and genitalia, the word “fun” doesn’t exactly spring to mind. But, hey, to each his own, right?


Twilight condoms

For Vampire geeks and diehard Stephenie Meyer fans.


Condometric condoms

No more lying about how big you are on your Grindr profile. The “Condometric” comes with a ruler printed on the side to show precisely how well you measure up.


Gumby condoms

When childhood and adulthood collide.


Madonna condoms

These are obviously made exclusively for gay men.

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