Playboy features first transgender Playmate in its 64-year history

The latest issue of Playboy Magazine will include a major first — a transgender Playmate.

French model Ines Rau will be featured in a photo editorial in the November/December 2017 issue. Hugh Hefner, the publication’s founder who died last month, will appear on the issue’s cover.

While Rau isn’t the first trans model to be photographed for the pages of Playboy, she is the first to receive the title of “Playmate,” which is apparently a big deal in the Playboy universe.

It’s also not the first time she’s appeared in the magazine — her initial 2014 appearance in a spread called “Evolution” launched her modeling career. That feature explored “humanity’s halting shift toward acceptance of gender identities beyond the male-female binary.”

“It’s how I celebrated my coming out, actually,” Rau told Playboy. “I took that chance, and then I signed with an agency.”

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“I lived a long time without saying I was transgender,” she explained at the time. “I dated a lot and almost forgot. I was scared of never finding a boyfriend and being seen as weird. Then I was like, You know, you should just be who you are. It’s a salvation to speak the truth about yourself, whether it’s your gender, sexuality, whatever. The people who reject you aren’t worth it. It’s not about being loved by others; it’s about loving yourself.”

Rau went on to star in a Balmain campaign, has been featured in Vogue Italia and has walked down numerous high-profile runways.

And that’s just the beginning.


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“I just signed a book deal, and I just shot a film. I really want to be an action star!” Rau told Playboy. “It’s telling stories.”

Playboy produces six issues each year, which are available on newsstands and online.

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  • Jaxton

    Lol. Playboy must be getting desperate these days.

    Never been a fan of its homophobic attitude to male bisexuality.

  • Danny595

    Shouldn’t he be on the cover of Playgirl?

  • DCguy

    Hey, anti-lgbt trolls, (Mo Bro Screenames).

    Please entertain us with details on how this effects you at all.

    Oh wait, that’s RIGHT, youre some straight guy whose just trolling on here, so of COURSE it would bother you that Playboy did this.

    • Danny595

      There is no such thing as LGBT. There are LGB people and there are T people.

  • Ummmm Yeah

    Fail. This is a magazine for straight men. They want to see naked women not surgically and chemically damaged men. Don’t act like you wouldn’t be pissed if someone tried to put a woman in your porn and tell you her vagina is just the same as a penis.

    • DCguy

      Oh Wow, Mo bro brought out a THIRD screename to attack this.

      Hmmm, interesting, the anti-lgbt groups have decided to focus on attacking Trans issues, and all of the troll screenames do that exact thing.

      How interesting, almost as if you were paid by them as trolls to post on here. Hmmmmm

    • AntBee

      There are “women” in gay porn, but they are female-to-male transgendered, and yes, they still have a vagina. The gay guys, or gay-for-pay (one never knows these days) performers, go at that vagina with just as much gusto, as they would a man’s penis. So, in conclusion, those of us who watch porn, have seen this happen, and it’s really no big deal. The FTMs are usually really cute and hot!

    • OzJosh

      LOL. You need to get out more. Many straight men – and I mean MANY – are hugely turned on not only by transgender women, but by transvestites and drag queens. In fact, some virtually lose their minds over a “chick with a dick”. For years I drank at a bar where drag queens hung out after doing their show, and every night there’d be a three-deep gaggle of straight men hoping for some action. Some acknowledged what they were doing. But a large number would play drunk and pretend they had no idea at all that this six-foot-two “woman” with a prominent adam’s apple and exaggerated make-up was not the real deal. They’d invariably disappear with them at the end of the night – and be back a few weeks later to play out the same charade again.

    • mhoffman953


      LOL I don’t believe any of that. Looking at porn searches in the US on straight porn sites, your claim that “MANY straight men” are turned on by transgenders is false. It’s such a small number that actually are.

      And your story about drag queens in the bar with “straight” men, I highly doubt “straight” men would be hanging out at a drag bar

  • jd.cali

    She’s a beautiful woman. Period. And she has fully transitioned if you are concerned about that.
    If you care so much about “realness” and non surgical/treatment then you better not watch or look at any porn, photo, movie, billboard again. In fact, you’ll need to cover your hypocritical eyes when you walk around town because millions of women (and men for that matter) have had injections, implants, surgery, etc etc.
    I mean… no offense, but relax already. Have you even seen the playboy issue?

    • Danny595

      So will at least agree that the transgenders who haven’t “transitioned” are not women, right?

    • mhoffman953


      Are you sure he fully transitioned? I Googled some pictures and it looks like he’s just tucked. The only front shot is of him with his hands behind his back and it appears he’s holding back his junk to make it look like a woman’s private parts

  • griffnyc

    Was “Tula” considered a playmate? If so then this is the second.

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    i thought i’d seen disgusting comments before but most of these take the proverbial cake. i’d say they should be ashamed but they wouldn’t know shame if it bit them on the balls. way to go, pigs.

  • miserylovedme24

    This is pretty ridiculous. I doubt straight guys want to see transgender women any more than I’d want to see transgender men in a gay men’s magazine. I don’t blame them one bit.

  • alanballs

    I wish this gorgeous human creature a wonderful, happy, healthy, successful life. Her life is quite public, exciting, controversial and interesting.

    I wonder what the lives of all the haters, trolls, bigots, religious terrorists would be like if all the intimate details of THEIR lives were as public?

    Seems as if many people are in denial of, or oblivious to the fact that every click, view, comment, and keystroke of your ‘anonymous’ keyboard are being stored, monitored, analyzed and utilized by many organizations, governments and agencies around the world. Good luck with your hateful fear mongering, trolling and bigotry.

  • Brody

    Now we know what killed Hugh Hefner.

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