POLL: 83% Of Salt Lake City Boy Scouts Want To Keep Ban

boyscoutslgThe greater Salt Lake City area is one of the Boy Scouts’ biggest strongholds—not surprising considering how well the Scouts’ policy of exclusion lines up with Mormon values.

Still, we were disappointed that a whopping 83% of Scout members, leaders and parents in SLC oppose allowing gays to serve as scouts and leaders. What’s more 70% of respondents say they’d quit or be less involved in Scouting if the ban is lifted.

After the BSA votes on the ban in May, it may simply do away with any national policy on gay scouts. That would be peachy for kids in New Paltz or the Bay Area, but queer youth in Mormonville, Utah, would obviously still be ostracized.

Conducted by the Boy Scouts’ Great Salt Lake Council, the poll was leaked to the media—probably so Scout leadership could say it was just following the will of its members. And, with a response rate of 11%, it doesn’t exactly adhere to stringent research methodology.

The Great Salt Lake Council was just in the news recently, when Chipotle got in trouble for sponsoring its Scout-O-Rama, despite the burrito chain’s own anti-discrimination policy.