Poll Confirms Everyone Is Miserable, Especially LGBTs. Sigh.

sad-dog-funny-dogWell here’s some cheery midweek news to get you over the hump.

According to a new Gallup poll measuring the well-being of Americans, Americans who identified as LGBT had an average Well-Being Index score of 58, compared with 62 for non-LGBT people.

So in the classroom of life, straight people earned a D and we, well, failed apparently.

And the study’s findings don’t get any better.

“35 percent of LGBT adults are thriving socially, compared with 41 percent of non-LGBT adults, while LGBT Americans are also 10 percentage points less likely to be thriving financially than their non-LGBT counterparts.”

So not only are most of us low on the “Well-Being Index” (which sounds suspiciously Orwellian), the majority of us, gay or straight, aren’t “thriving socially.”

Now excuse me while I go break the news to the only two friends I have left who listen — Ben and Jerry.

Oh shit, $5.99 for a pint? I can’t afford that.

h/t HuffPost