POLL: Numbers Shift, Not In A Good Way, In MD Marriage-Equality Battle

The L.A. Times is reporting that support for marriage equality in Maryland—where residents will vote on the issue next week—is slipping, especially among African-Americans.

A poll conducted in late September for the Baltimore Sun showed the measure to legalize same-sex marriage ahead by 10 percentage points, with more than 50% of African Americans supporting the idea despite a history of opposition from black churches. A quarter of black respondents were opposed.

Since then, voters in Maryland have been exposed to a media blitz, with both sides airing TV ads in an effort to swing undecided voters their way. The latest polling for the Sun, conducted Oct. 20-23 by  OpinionWorks, now shows 50% of black voters against same-sex marriage, with 42% supporting the idea.

What’s caused the shift? Well, black pastors have stepped up their attacks on same-sex marriage since then, charging their parishioners to follow God’s dictate and vote the measure down. And opponents of same-sex marriage have launched a media blitz that misrepresents the issues—suggesting, among other things, that religious leaders will be forced to perform gay ceremonies, and that children will be indoctrinated in schools.

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  • Joetx

    If same-sex marriage is voted down in MD, you’re not going to make it a racial issue, are you?

  • Joetx

    ‘Mos with racial prejudices made it an issue in Cali, yet in Maine, the anti-gay vote was by a bigger percentage, but the ‘mos with racial prejudices were remarkably quiet.

  • Shanestud

    Many of these pastors from small impoverished black churches have been paid by NOM to show “leadership” on this issue in their communities. Remember that NOM got into trouble earlier this year when it was discovered that the organization planned to create a “wedge strategy” to divide the African-American and gay communities on the subject of marriage equality: These “leaders” have bought and paid.

  • FStratford

    It’s not racism to point out that a lot of blacks (50%) are affected by the words of their pastors. In that sense, they are similar to the right wing white Christians.

  • Ronbo

    It is sad how far the church has strayed from Jesus’s message. Ignorance and fear and bigotry now appear to have replaced Love.

  • Shanestud

    Nice to see Maryland Moms holding a press conference and coming out for same sex marriage. The only problem in a state with significant number of black Christian voters who can decide the outcome, there is not one black mother in the photo. Very bad optics Maryland Moms. Oh well…I guess we know we have the support of white mothers in Maryland.

  • BayAreaHomo

    As I explain to my African American brethren, I believe in civil rights for all. But voting to undermine my rights is voting to undermine your rights.


    If I am busy trying to protect my family and myself from predation, that is going to use up a lot of time, energy and resources that I could otherwise put towards ending racial prejudice and discrimination. If the LGBT community (including the black LGBT community) has to invest resources in protecting themselves from an anti-gay law, it means that when the haters come for African Americans next, some of their most committed allies will be too busy or weakened to provide support.

    Black voters in Maryland should think about this. If the state can strip away my rights with a popular vote, yours could very well be next.

  • Scott Johansen

    @Joetx: Isn’t it amazing thatt you can call out gays for some of their comments observing overwhelming anti gay black votes, and that isn’t homophobic, but the fact that gays comment and note that so often in this votes, the cause of our loss has been African Americans…WE’RE r acist?
    You’re homophobic. and need to admit to it. you would never lecture the black community to not generalize gays if gays were outspokenly and overwhelming in charge of making blacks lose their civil rights. You’d encourage hate against gays and be the first to generalize. How do I know this? because you did it in terms of your observations on gays in your posts above. Guess it’s okay to generalize against what some gays said in comments sections on some blog, but not generalize the FACT that so many african americans choose to vote against our rights.

  • Joetx

    @Scott Johansen: Your comments are so completely stupid I don’t know whether I should dignify them with a response, but I guess I will have to get down in the dirt.

    1. No, blacks aren’t “overwhelmingly anti-gay.” Did you even read the above article??? It states that blacks in MD supported SSM by >50% vs. opposed being 25%. Unfortunately, after suffering a barrage of lies from conservatives, the numbers are now 42% vs. 50%. But that’s not much different from any other racial/ethnic group in the U.S.

    Furthermore, black leaders & politicians have been PIVOTAL in getting gay-friendly legislation passed.

    2. Blacks were not single-handedly responsible for the passage of Prop 8 or any other anti-gay ballot measure. Blacks aren’t the majority in any state; whites are still the majority, & oftentimes a super majority. In fact, in Maine, which is OVERWHELMINGLY WHITE, its anti-gay ballot measure passed by a BIGGER margin than Prop 8 did.

    3. YOUR inability to acknowledge/understand Points #1 & #2, & your readiness to blame blacks says to me that YOU have problems with bigotry, which in your case is racial bigotry.

    4. I never said that there’s no homophobia in the black community. Homophobia is wrong, no matter your skin color, religion, etc.

    At the same time, I can confidently say that there IS racial prejudice in the gay community.

    5. I’m gay. And since I’m not 1 of those self-hating GOProud types or even Log Cabin types, there’s no way I can be homophobic.

    Pointing out the flaws in your own community doesn’t make you homophobic, you simpleton.

    BTW, I’m not black.

  • Joetx

    @Scott Johansen: One more thing, Scott. Racist gays are just as bad as homophobic blacks.

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