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Portia DeGeneres: ‘I Still See Things I Don’t Like In The Mirror,’ But She’s Not Going To Starve Herself Over It

It’s nearly impossible to escape body image issues once you have them. It is, however, possible — albeit excruciatingly difficult — to change the way you react to the inner monologue that tells you you’re too fat or too ugly or will never be loved. That’s Portia DeGeneres’ message, appear on her wife’s television program: “When I look in the mirror now I still see things I don’t like, but the difference is I’m not going to change my diet or change my life in even the smallest way in order to try to fix whatever it is that I don’t like when I look in the mirror. I won’t exercise to change my body shape, and I won’t diet to make my thighs look a little bit thinner. I like how I look, I’m comfortable with how I look. I’m very very grateful to my body for not punishing me for the way I punished it.”

The segment comes after she told Oprah this week about her struggle with anorexia — a disease that, like alcoholism, you are never cured of. But you can grow healthier.

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