Princeton University Has Good Reasons For Supporting Anti-LGBT Super Bigot Robert George

Princeton is not only a prestigious Ivy League university, it’s also the employer of Professor Robert P. George, one of the most anti-LGBT figures of our time. He works there as Professor of Jurisprudence and lectures on constitutional interpretation, civil liberties and philosophy of law. But one LGBT activist wants him out.

In his article entitled “Hold Princeton Accountable For Enabling A Major Political Gay Basher,” LGBT writer and activist Scott Rose explains George’s anti-LGBT background and what he would like to see LGBT people do to get him booted from Princeton:

Professor George [is a past chairman] of the so-called National Organization for Marriage (NOM), which incessantly promulgates documentable untruths about gay human beings intended to demonize them in a political context. He was one of the authors of the notoriously anti-gay “Manhattan Declaration.” From the tweedy confines of his Princeton University office, Professor George is a main instigator of a huge quantity of malicious anti-gay-rights propagandizing and political gay-bashing. He is the founder of the American Principles Project. That site’s “Innocence” tab includes links to articles that [condemn school anti-bullying measures as a way to promote “LGBT lifestyles.”]

I recommend 1) raising awareness of George’s anti-gay hate and political influence, with a mind towards influencing young people not to attend Princeton; 2) organizing divestiture campaigns against Princeton University; 3) writing to Princeton University officials to voice disgust over the institution’s enabling of Professor George’s anti-gay hate speech; (Princeton University President Shirley M. Tilghman’s email address) 4) encouraging current Princeton University students to organize “Occupy Equality”-style events at Princeton to demand an end to the University’s enabler of a monster political gay basher.”

Rose’s plan might not be so easy though because it turns out that George is kinda a big deal on campus:

George is an award-winning teacher at Princeton, where his courses are heavily subscribed and, according to the Princeton University Undergraduate Course Guide, are among the most highly rated in the university. Since 2007, George has been teaching with his Princeton colleague Cornel West… [lesbian] Supreme Court Justice and former Harvard Law School Dean Elena Kagan praised George as “one of the nation’s most respected legal theorists”, saying that the respect he had gained was due to “his sheer brilliance, the analytic power of his arguments, the range of his knowledge”, and “a deeply principled conviction, a profound and enduring integrity”

He’s also earned honorary doctorates of law, letters, science, civil law, humane letters, ethics, and juridical science from a handful of different universities and received tons o’ awards. So ejecting George will prove difficult as he’s got quite the impressive curriculum vitae.

We’ve reached out to Princeton’s LGBT Center to hear their thoughts on Mr. George’s presence and Mr. Rose’s plan to eject him. Let’s see if the pressure builds.