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The Proud Boys spew hateful garbage at kids attending an all-ages drag show

Mile High Comics, Colorado. Denver, Drag for All Ages, fundraiser, Proud Boys
This person is not a drag queen.

The Proud Boys — the self-avowed anti-feminist, anti-Muslim group who beat each other up, never masturbate and attend white supremacist rallies — have taken to protesting Drag For All Ages, a monthly all-ages drag show and charity fundraiser held the first Sunday of every month at the Mile High Comics, in Colorado. Denver.

The store’s owner Chuck Rozanski holds the event as a way for kids to enjoy drag entertainers and perform if they want. The kids can keep their tips, and the show raises money for the White Rose Scholarship Foundation, a college fund for local students run by the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire, one of Colorado’s oldest LGBTQ philanthropy organizations.

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Recently, local Proud Boys and other so-called “alt-right” meatheads have started protesting the show as a form of “child abuse,” yelling homophobic abuse at children and parents attending the show — and Rozanski has had enough. He’s now recruiting members of a “Parasol Patrol” to hold large rainbow umbrellas in front of protestors so the kids won’t be exposed to their vitriol.

Rozanski tells Bleeding Cool News that the last Drag For All Ages show “had a very raucous mob of 18-20 homophobic protestors at our All-Ages Drag Show last evening, with several of them seemingly quite determined to provoke a confrontation.” The two-off duty police officers he hired for security “seemed inadequate, to say the least,” he says.

Mile High Comics, Colorado. Denver, Drag for All Ages, fundraiser, Proud Boys
An ad for Mile High Comics’ monthly Drag For All Ages show. (image via BleedingCool.com)

“What happened next was nothing short of a miracle,” Rozanski says. “Just as we were seemingly about to be overrun, 15 Denver police officers materialized out of nowhere. They set up a picket line between our families and those awful bigots, frustrating those nasty people beyond words.”

After getting dressed to perform for the latest show, Rozanski went down to listen to the protestors face-to-face:

“I then listened to an hour of some of the most irrational and ignorant BS that I have ever heard. Honestly, those people are dumber than rocks. They apparently watched some crazy YouTube video, and then just assumed that our show reflected the same extremes of behavior. Golly gee, wouldn’t it make a little more sense to actually research about how we run our shows before making up a ridiculous sign and then screaming at total strangers? Or could it (possibly) be that they drank some of that alt/right hatred Kool-Aide, and that facts now mean absolutely nothing to them? I think we all already know the answer to that question…”

Although his show had about over 400 attendees, Rozanski says, “Among the protestors this month were five or six helmeted individuals carrying shields who purported to be ‘Proud Boys.’ Their militaristic attire, and the masks and hoods of several other protestors, absolutely appeared to be threatening.”

Rozanski wishes the protestors would actually attend his show to see the joy it brings, but he doubts that’ll ever happen. So instead, he’s recruiting more people to join the “Parasol Patrol.”

While the Proud Boys say they’re not homophobic, stating that gay members are welcome to their ranks as long as they believe that “white men are not the problem” plaguing Western civilization, the group’s founder Gavin McInnes has a long history of anti-transgender and anti-Islamic rhetoric.

McInnes has previously referred to trans people as “gender n*ggers” and “mentally ill gays,” has supported Trump’s trans military ban, has called parental support of trans children “child abuse” and has called Muslims a bunch of interbreeding rapists.

In August, Twitter took down the Proud Boys Twitter account (@ProudBoysUSA), Gavin McInnes’ Twitter account (@Gavin_McInnes) and the accounts of regional Proud Boys chapters in violation of Twitter’s policy forbidding “violent extremist groups.”

“All I can say is that we will continue indefinitely to stage our fabulous drag shows, and to support the youth of our Community, regardless of their opposition,” Rozanski says. “Love is love.”

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