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These queer media stars are helping save America from itself

Never has the fourth estate been under greater threat. From false cries of "fake news" to Facebook's refusal to stem the tide of antigay propaganda to the demise of local newspapers across the nation, it is a scary time for communities who depend on media to propel the truth of their cause and expose right-wing attacks on their equality and their lives.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of LGBTQ media talent striving to revive and enlighten Americans not just on our causes but far beyond.

In honor of pride season, we bring you just a few of our favorites doing life-saving journalism this year.

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2. Monica Roberts

In 2006 Monica Roberts launched TransGriot, and she has been writing the blog with her unique brand of sweet conversational style, unapologetic advocacy, and sharp political analysis ever since, making it required reading for anyone who wants to truly understand LGBTQ life in America. Her own tag line says it better than we can: “A proud unapologetic Black trans woman speaking truth to power and discussing the world.”

In the process, she has earned a passionate following–and just about every media award, from the IFGE Trinity Award for meritorious service to the transgender community (2008) to GLAAD’s Outstanding Blog (2018).

Fans of the site will see Roberts, who grew up and resides in Houston, expound on everything from friends lost too early to ruminations on the culture wars to the everyday challenges facing trans people in the south. But the blogger, who boasts an encyclopedic knowledge of Texas politics, is most passionate when talking about electoral politics and the need to run for office and to get out and vote. She’s been predicting a blue wave for years, and in 2020 she might be on the verge of getting her wish.

On June 19, she wrote “We STILL Need a Trans Juneteenth“:

I am always rooting for our community trailblazers, whether it is on a pageant stage or a Hollywood sound stage.  Any trans person who is breaking a barrier makes it easier for the next one following in their footsteps. And yes, I see you trans peeps whose major accomplishment is just getting out of bed and stepping into the world as your true selves.  You are loved, valued and needed in our community. We not only need to make this trans Juneteenth happen not only for ourselves, but for the trans kids who look up to us as their possibility models. Happy Juneteenth! But more importantly, time for us to in the spirit of this day, strive to emancipate ourselves as well.

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