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These queer media stars are helping save America from itself

Never has the fourth estate been under greater threat. From false cries of "fake news" to Facebook's refusal to stem the tide of antigay propaganda to the demise of local newspapers across the nation, it is a scary time for communities who depend on media to propel the truth of their cause and expose right-wing attacks on their equality and their lives.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of LGBTQ media talent striving to revive and enlighten Americans not just on our causes but far beyond.

In honor of pride season, we bring you just a few of our favorites doing life-saving journalism this year.

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3. Jonathan Capehart

There are few Americans better able to make sense of today’s world that Jonathan Capehart, and he is making the most of the opportunity. As a columnist for the Washington Post’s PostPartisan blog, host of the daily newspaper’s Cape Up podcast, and political commenter at MSNBC, he offers up sharp insights about the intersection of queer and black politics. His podcast interviews with Kamela Harris, civil rights icon John Lewis, Joe Biden, Billy Porter, Susan Rice, Chasten Buttigieg, and Dr. Ruth are must-listen.

Listen to the Cape Up interview with Billy Porter

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