Queerty Query: Buck Angel

buck angel

Buck Angel is the world’s first FTM porn star. Buck took some time from his busy schedule to catch up with Bradford Shellhammer to discuss the porn biz, the Black Party, and Michael Lucas.

At what age did you realize you wanted to begin transitioning?
From my earliest memories I’ve always felt like a boy; I never felt like a girl. The man that I am was trapped inside my female body. Always. If I’d known about it sooner, I would have done it sooner. Once I learned that it was an option, I went for it. It was over10 years ago, when I was in my 20s.

You took hormones and had a chest surgery. Why did you not alter your vagina?
Unfortunately, the surgery that they have to create a penis is not up to my standards for aesthetics and function, and it can cost over $50,000. Plus, there is a chance of losing your ability to have an orgasm. No thanks! I don’t need a penis to feel like a man, and to be a man. From the reactions I’ve seen it appears a lot of men don’t realize you don’t need a cock to be a man. But I am all man, even with my mangina. And I enjoy my pussy–I like to get fucked. It doesn’t make me feel like any less of a man!

Why porn? Had you always been drawn to it?
I’ve been in the industry for quite a while. Initially I was on the other side of the camera. For years I produced other porn–fetish, and Male-to-Female porn. Eventually I realized that, while there was tons of MTF/shemale porn, there wasn’t ANY FTM porn. I thought someone needed to step up to the plate, and I decided I was the man for the job.

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We loved Cirque Noir. What has been the reaction to it from fans? From the gay porn industry?
Thanks! Well, the reaction has been phenomenal! It is really causing a stir. I’ll be at the GayVN awards in Los Angeles next month with the Titan crew.

I have received a huge amount of fan mail from guys who have seen the movie. It is great because these guys are writing to me saying I’m the sexiest man they’ve ever seen and that they do not desire to be sexual with women, but they want to fuck MY man pussy. They wonder if it makes them bi or straight because they want to fuck me. Well, no, it definitely doesn’t make them straight, because I’m a man. I’m really making people rethink gender and sexuality, which is cool.

The gay porn industry has been very supportive overall. Some can’t deal with it, but for the most part, reactions have been very positive. It isn’t often that something truly new and different comes along in the world of porn. For those who are ready for something different, they’re eating me up, so to speak.

I’ve been asked to host The Black Party in New York this year. That’s HUGE, and shows how the industry is “getting it” and that I am gaining broader acceptance in the industry–especially the gay segment. The majority of my fan base is gay men.

Michael Lucas called you a “human tragedy” on our site. What do you say to that?
He’s obviously threatened, like many men are, because I’m more of a man than he is. Maybe its because my clit is bigger than his cock? Seriously, I’m not bothered by negative comments. I think it is great that I’m eliciting a response. I expect that some people can’t handle it. And, as they say, any press is good press, just as long as they spell my URL right….

Have you seen Transamerica? What did you think about the film?
Things aren’t normal here in post-Katrina New Orleans where I live, so movies haven’t been easy to get to lately. I definitely want to see it and it is on my list.

Do you read blogs?
Actually I would love to read blogs but I have not time. It’s tough building a porn empire!

What keeps you happy?
A simple, healthy life–working out at the gym, eating right, enjoying my slave and my pets, and shooting lots of hot porn.

You also blog. What do you get out of blogging?
I like getting to have my say in my own words. It kind of gives me a place to tell people what I really think. I think my fans love it because they get to feel like they are a part of my crazy life.

You’ve been linked to many stories recently about Larry Wachowski. Are you happy that ordeal is behind you?
Yeah. It’s water under the bridge for me. I have a very awesome life now, and I’m happy to forget about all that. It was a really tough period for me. I hate to even think about it sometimes but you know I am one of those people who can grow from a negative experience like that and I have.

What can we expect next from Buck Angel?
More “firsts” (pretty much everything I do is a “first” because I am the first–and still the only–FTM porn star). Look for me on the Howard Stern show in March, 2006. (Wow, that was an experience! He said I was “the most memorable guest he’s ever had!”)

If I tell you everything to expect then you won’t be surprised. So just be on the lookout for more of Buck Angel! Thanks very much for your interest in my work and me! Woof!