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Queerty readers sound off on ‘g0ys,’ gay men who are so opposed to anal sex they can’t even

Earlier this week we ran a story about ‘g0ys.’

According to Urban Dictionary, a g0y (spelled with a zero not an “o”) is “a guy who finds men attractive, but for whatever reason is offended by the stigmas that currently define the ‘gay community’ in the public psyche.”

G0ys shun effeminate behavior because they thinks it’s “cowardly.” They also refrain from calling one another things like “girl”, “bitch”, or “queen.” But their biggest hangup is anal sex. They don’t believe in it because they think it’s a “violent act” that represents “the ultimate form of sexual disrespect.”

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Naturally, this sparked a lot of dialogue among our readers. Not only did we receive tons of emails and tweets about it, but the post received almost 300 total comments and nearly 150 Facebook shares. Clearly, this is an issue people care very deeply about.

Let’s check out some of your responses…

A lot of people seemed to take serious issue with g0ys:

“This is just femme-phobia wrapped up in some BS concern about health,” one person wrote. “I mean, is there anything more snap-queeny than creating a group with a quaint little name and pissy little rules?”

“Just what we need,” another person added. “MORE DIVISION in a culture and community that already has too many sub-categories. ? We just can’t all LIVE our lives without being labeled with this or that.”

“Whatever,” a third person said. “Just another snobby group that somehow think that they are a superior type of gay. But they’re not. Once again, there is not different levels of gay, just different levels of narcissism.”

“Strange and completely backwards,” a fourth person commented. “Butt holes are the best! ???”

Others were less judgmental of the whole g0y movement:

“I think this is kind of neat,” one guy said. “I don’t subscribe to it entirely, but I actually don’t partake in anal sex often at all myself, but I’m weird.”

“If these goys are happy then who am I to judge?” someone else added. “Thing is, they may say they don’t do anal, but they probably would be calling me at 2 am for a booty call!”

“The amount of hate towards gay guys who don’t fit the mold here is staggering,” a third person noted.

Then there was this insightful perspective: “I’ve dated [a g0y] before. It was interesting. I honestly felt and we broke up cuz I made a joke about them being the new angry lesbian that thinks all sex is rape. That didn’t go well. I’m glad they are doing they’re thing that’s cool.”

Prompting someone else to reply: “The thing is I don’t understand how they think all sex is like rape though. I mean, sure, some guys don’t understand the meaning of gentle, but there’s a lot who do and can make it really nice and sweet to enjoy not just physically but emotionally. Regardless of what kind of sex you’re doing.”

But our favorite comment probably had to be this one: “I’m glad they’ve labeled themselves. It will make it easier to avoid crazy.”