Queerty’s Facelift

Notice something new around these parts? We hope so! Queerty is sporting a new look today, which we hope you’ll enjoy — at least more than our most recent incarnation. Queerty’s fresh face is a result of the myriad feedback from you, our loyal readers, and is part of our continued effort to bring you fresher content. Which is all bullshit speak for: We want to publish on a website that’s prettier than our ex.

Aside from our regular blog content – with exclusive, regular features like our Narcissist Issue – be sure to check out QueerFeed, our 24/7(ish) gay newswire in our left sidebar that’s more than your staid AP feed. Just because we don’t break the news doesn’t mean we don’t want you chatting about it, ya heard?

As always, let it fly in the comments. Your suggestions (and hatred) help us grow stronger. Like Wheaties. Sprinkled with amphetamines. Enjoy!

-The Editors