QUOTE – Joan Rivers: Only Straight Drug Users Occupy Wall Street

Gay men have better bodies, on the whole. That’s number one, and number two: They care more about what they look like. Very seldom will you find a gay [schlub]. Am I right? Very few homeless… This is why there are no gay protestors in Zuccotti Park. Because there’s no place to change, and no closets… I think Occupy Wall Street was terrific the first week, and it has now turned into a very happy druggy party. I suggest they all get jobs and go back to work. What was an amazing and wonderful thing, I now find just ridiculous. Everyone’s on drugs and everybody’s singing, and they now have a DVD out, and now they want to do a reality show.”

– Comedienne Joan Rivers commenting on the Occupy Wall Street protestors in New York Magazine

Image via David Shankbone

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  • Gary Indiana

    Very few homeless?

    Let’s just forget the hundreds of gay kids desperately in need of shelter after being kicked out of home by their homophobic parents.

  • christopher di spirito

    Old Girl is an elitist cow who has been a part of the “1%” for so long that she’s lost touch with the reality of the “99%.”

    Run along and sell your plastic jewelry on QVC.

  • Ray

    What a sting of jew comments.

  • Robert in NYC

    They should get back to work? Really….what does she think this is all about? Many of the protestors are out of work, Ms. Rivers. Walk in their shoes otherwise STFU, stupid cow!

  • Cam

    Perhaps if Joan spent a little less time having her face pulled back and a little more keeping up on the news she might sound more intelligent.

    Seriously, she’s pulled so tight now, when she crosses her legs the mouth pops open.

  • ewe

    Sometimes her jokes are jut not funny.

  • Reed Braden

    @Ray: Don’t return bigotry with bigotry.

  • SteveC

    Joan’s a Republican remember.

  • tom

    2 things:
    1) If you idiots don’t realize humor when you hear it , well thats just sad. You spend so much time on here getting you panties bunched over every little thing, that your sense of humor gets lost. Joan is an old school comedian , she is ALWAYS “on” and always rying for a laugh.

    2) This woman is one of the greatest supporters the gay community has ever had , EVER. She has done more charity work and gay friendly, inclusive, humor than most so called supporters combined. She is a living legend and a friend of the gays. At the time she made the comment she was hostimg a book party for a new book that chronicles the 50 year relationship of a gay couple.

    So learn to recognize and take a fuckin joke

  • Ray

    @Reed Braden: You seem to have forgotten that she’s made millions playing the stereotypical greedy, materialistic, selfish jew. So why aren’t you offended by that and how do you know she wouldn’t take what I said as a compliment?

  • jason

    Joan is so funny, and correct. The gay men are all hiding in their closet clubs. Also, a gay man’s interests in life rarely venture from the “work, smoke, drink, fuck” ethic. It’s a classic illustration of how conservative gay men have become.

    In terms of social activism, today’s gays are extremely conservative.


    Bravo No. 9 Tom

  • ron

    One thing I learned doing volunteer work with the poor – A HUGE percentage of homeless people are gay. Many started adult life as attractive, clean and popular in their 20’s, and by their 50’s (if they made it that far) became filthy, toothless wrecks.

  • Riker

    On a different note, kudos to Queerty for not violating copyright for once. David Shankbone, the photographer, is a gay man and very friendly to boot. I met him a few years ago at WikiConference NYC. He licenses all his work under a Creative Commons license, allowing free use as long as the photo is attributed and released under the same license.

    Note to Queerty: you can also link to his photos on Wikimedia Commons, which is somewhat more easily navigable.

  • ewe

    @tom: I can take a joke but this one isn’t funny.

  • ewe

    @ron: I blame the high cost of dentistry for that.

  • True

    The Occupy folks are all trust fund babies that have turned into professional protesters who have no worries in life other than to protest. I know a few of them…

  • Nathan

    @True: Scott Olsen was a trust fund baby? Yeah right.

  • Al

    Joan is a Republican, for those who may not be aware. These comments, like many of her’s (always unfunny), are from a airhead, with body dysmorphic disorder. She is mentally ill. I don’t know why anyone listens to her.

  • Nathan

    @Al: People would listen to the Unabomber if it reinforced their prejudices.

  • Ricky

    But we all know what see said is true

  • Nathan

    @Ricky: No we don’t, you don’t speak for everyone. Occupy Wall Street is a powerful social movement with admirable goals, with a real chance of affecting positive change in this country. The purpose of government in a democracy is whatever its people demand, and the people are demanding that the government quit licking the boots of the wealthy and try to improve life for the other 99% of us. According to a recent New York Times/CBS News poll, an astounding 66 percent of Americans said the nation’s wealth should be more evenly distributed. Occupy Wallstreet is hardly a fringe element, as much as the regressives in this country wish it was.

  • Triple S

    I don’t think this was an actual ‘joke’, rather, maybe it was just one of those things that we all know is stereotyping, but we can (or at least supposed to take) as a joke.
    And even if she was being not-so-nice to gays, I seriously would not be offended.
    I’m all for gay activism, just don’t get all shitty when someone says something like that, otherwise, we’ll all be cast as precious queens and princesses who can’t take anything.
    So, in the words of Carver (I think that’s his name off Family Guy) from their Star Wars spoof;
    “Just calm the fuck down”.

  • jason

    Good on Joan for pointing out how narrow the gay male community has become. I mean, when was the last time you saw a gay guy have interests other than the right to attend a sauna?

    A case could easily be made that the gay male community is built on a sex act and is basically a cult at heart.

  • shle896

    Lighten up everybody, Joan is a COMEDIAN. What’s with the double standard? The boys club of late-night comedians are telling the same types of jokes and they’re just being funny, but when Joan says such things she’s a bitch. Give me a break. This woman is wittier than all of them combined and she doesn’t take herself half as seriously as her critics do. Go Joan, you RULE!

  • ewe

    @jason: A case could also be made that you cater to and foster the ignorant.

  • Robert in NYC

    Oh Jason, get a life. A vast number of straight single males are just as promiscuous and many are womanizers, including many married men. If that’s not about sex and only sex, I don’t konw what is. Look at the number of babies born out of wedlock, ALL STRAIGHT sexual behavior. Why do you think the divorce rate among straights is so high? Why don’t you join an ex-gay cult and see how well that goes for you? I’m sure they’d love to take your money for nothing.

    SteveC, yes, she is a republican but she’s never opened her mouth once to call out her fellow republican foes on marriage equality. She may support it but she’s never used her celebrity status to advance it.

  • timncguy

    @B in NYC: Nice picture you linked to. But, can you explain, if it’s warm enough to go shirtless, what the hell are the knit hats for?

  • CBRad

    @timncguy: I forget where I heard this, but: “Some wear knit hats because it’s cold out, others because it’s Coldplay.”

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