R.I.P. That’s Gay. You Were Too Good For This World. Also, Thanks For The Shout-Out.

Current, the network you haven’t been watching, has canceled their nifty low-rated series Infomania and, along with it, Infomania‘s regular That’s Gay segment, which tackled everything from the “No Homo” phenomenon to ex-gay nut Richard Cohen to gay nut Johnny Weir. Who knows why the show was canned. Maybe their budget was a necessary fraction of Keith Olbermann’s signing bonus? Or maybe there’s a conspiracy of non-awesomeness afoot at the network? After all, they also canned the funny movie-review series The Rotten Tomatoes Show. (Personal disclosure: I know people who worked on both series in front of as well as behind the camera. But even if I didn’t this would all still suck. They were cool shows.)

In any case, unless That’s Gay host Bryan Safi carries on with the segments somewhere else, the above video—in which Queerty gets a shout out—will be the final one. As of today, the segment will go live on a farm with a lot of wide open spaces where it can run around and play with Pushing Daisies, The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman and all the other victims of unjust early cancellation.

Have you read this far and still have no idea what this post is even about? Then catch up with this link to past That’s Gay segments. And remember, it’s partly your fault.

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