Rachel Maddow Wears Adorable Pajamas In Solidarity for Us Bloggers

You all really wished Out had put Rachel Maddow on the cover of their Out 100 issue (and in all fairness, so did editor Aaron Hicklin), but you can catch her every night on her MSNBC show.

When Sarah Palin told Greta Van Susteren that the Eisenstadt hoax was started by “some blogger — probably sitting there in their parent’s basement wearing their pajamas blogging some kind of gossip or a lie,” a lot of people, myself included, took offense.


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  • porsha

    Rachel is a sweetheart, and a Rhodes scholar! Way to go, Rachel!

  • Julie Grant

    We do not expect you to know everything. It is better that you abreast yourself before you start your show. Most of the timesyou have a chance to intervie experts on your radio show in time to use the knowledge you got on your TV show. Some times, I hear you repeat what you heard on your radio show later on your TV show as though, you own the idia. Remember this is the era where Obama is surrounded by smart people. Watch what you say if you want last your career. You
    been critical about prosed measures that President elect is trying to put in place. You have no solution to provide for such a complex problems both in terms of the economy and foriegn relations. Stop reading more into something that you do not know for example, the stock market fluctuates based on occurances of any sort, election, war, consumers behaviou etc..
    1. You also sound arogant. You are not the sweett person you pretended to be your first week on your new show.
    2. You made the show sound that it is all about you. You say talk me down? You are on a media where at times people could be influenced easily therefore, you should be careful of what you are saying.
    3. At times, you sound immature. At times, you sound obnoxious. Please change. Be respectiful to the guests that you invite and try to minimize your being too opinionated.

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