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Rachel Maddow’s One-Time Radio Hero Was … Glenn Beck

When I got hired by Air America they asked who I like in radio and I said I like Ira Glass, This American Life, and I really like this guy Glenn Beck. And I shit you not, the guy who was sort of leading the interview, he didn’t last long at the company, said, ‘We’re going to be a liberal channel.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m pretty confident in my politics.

—Rachel Maddow, sharing her former radio host idolizing, a relationship which in the years since has turned into this:

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  • Mike

    Slow news day? This is an old segment from almost a year ago….

  • Eminent Victorian

    What on earth is the purpose of this post, Queerty?

  • Ungh

    Follow the link under the quote, y’all.

    From an article written this week.

  • Alexander

    “I shit you not”?! She said that in an interview? BWAHAHA! I love you even more now, you salty, sailor-swearin bitch!

  • Jason

    I. Love. Her.

  • Meher Zaman

    Haha. Maddow is so bad-ass in a good way. I LOVE HER!

  • Dollie

    Beck is a buffoon. It’s hard to comprehend anyone actually taking him, you know, seriously.
    Maddow, however, is the very definition of “brilliant.”

  • Jared Alessandroni

    Lost (maybe) within the linked article is that Rachel is moving to New York with her girlfriend. I could bump into her at Starbucks!

  • Pip

    Wow, Rachel Maddow is pretty awesome. I loved that creepy censor bar Beck put over her eyes. That’s so random and moronic. Talk about someone being a propaganda artist.

  • Mike

    The early days of Beck’s radio show weren’t quite the shit storm of crazy he puts on display now. it’s all an act anyway…

  • declanto

    It may be an act, chances are it IS an act. Fact is, it’s VERY LUCRATIVE. mr. Beck is paid 30 Million US Dollars for propagating fear and loathing and divisiveness in a time of concurrent shitstorms. What a ridiculously well-paid asshole! But hey, that’s free enterprise, right?

  • Ricky

    WOW!!!! She verbally bitch slapped him! That was perfection!

  • bill

    lol. This clip is like five clips-within-clips. It’s worse than inception! Slow news day sounds right

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