Radio Host Chris Krok’s Half-Assed Apology For Lisping His Way Through Joel Burns Attack

Speaking of tragically bad apologies for saying mean things about The Gays, Texas radio host Chris Krok has made good on his promise to apologize for attacking Ft. Worth City Councilman Joel Burns. But not for the way he feels.

“I did cross the line,” says Krok on his radio show Tuesday, relays GLAAD. But only by personally attacking Burns for his sexuality — not for saying he should’ve kept his disgusting private life and personal stories of bullying to himself. “And for that I apologize.”

But c’mon friends, it’s not like Krok hates the queers! “A gay person is worth no more or no less than I am,” he added. “God loves gay folks just as much as he loves me.”

Haha. No. He loves us more than absolute wastes of space.