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Real World‘s Ryan Now Wants to Cuddle With Gay Dudes?

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Well that was about the fastest transition from homophobe to same-sex cuddle buddy I’ve ever seen. The Real World: New Orleans‘ Ryan Leslie just got done freaking out over another dude putting his lips near his neck, and now he’s spooning with the house’s resident gay Preston?

I’m fine with Ryan touching everybody’s ear lobes, but maybe he can cut down on asking his roommates to shave his ass?

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  • My Gay Rant

    I have always like how the “actors” on the real world never seem quite… real? I mean, I like to see a round character undergo a transformation, but there needs to be a little more effort in the delivery. Come on, someone should really tell the writers of the “Real” World to get their act together…

  • Hilarious

    This is on so many levels of stupid I don’t even know where to begin, so I won’t.

  • jeffree

    It’s called a “narrative arc” in every form of sorytelling for a reason: going directly from A to B without a little tension in BOOOOORING!

    They need to hire better writers!

    If you think that this is unscripted, ask yourself why they have so many writers listed in the credits ! [Same goes for American Idol and other “reality shows”]

  • wmcarpenter

    They’ll hook up by the end of the season.

  • Desdemona

    what’s wrong with ryan??
    is it really that hard to grasp for these immature straight folks?
    he is another ridiculously obvious closet case. Thanks again society for making this kind of situation even occur.

  • Troy Boy

    Let me see… If I were a writer for this show, how would I handle this story? I know… I’d quit!

  • CJ

    “They’ll hook up by the end of the season.”

    At the speed of things, I give it 2 more weeks at most. By the end of the season he’ll be chaining himself to a fence in DC.

  • shanelle

    Less be honest—-This show gettin mo & mo racist and homeophobic. Unless they got drama they got NOTHING, becauz when peope disagrree its much more dramatical.

    A confident straight man has no reason to wander about his sexualitty.

    Pick a team, stick with it, and you’ll be fine. You will find support. If you bi, then you will still get friends. Just be honest.

    Fine, kind people find each other. Be mean and you’ll meet people just like you.

  • Sean

    “By the end of the season he’ll be chaining himself to a fence in DC.”

    …more likely daisy chaining in the orgy room of a bathhouse…

  • Toby

    You know why Ryan is a mess? Check out how the other roommates react to him cuddling with Preston.

    Oh and if you want to know why some gay kids try suicide? See above.

  • Jaroslaw

    I’m glad I never watched this show. It sounds retarded.

  • Plays Well With Yo' Momma

    Ryan looks like he has a hard-on after Preston leaves the bed (around 1:20).

  • Deferr

    Ryan looks like Janis Ian from mean girls!

  • Michael

    Can I please puke now?

  • Jorge

    The previous commentors are so correct. There needs to be better writers and stronger casting. Whatever happen to casting individuals who were exceptional? Everybody seems so interchangeable these past 10 seasons.

    How about having a gay guy that confronts homophobia with a better argument than, “omg, I’m so done with you right now, I can’t even!!!” Come on, I feel like it’s harder to find inarticulate 20-somethings than it is to find the articulate ones. Do they dumb it all down on purpose?

  • Javier

    Ryan is too much.

  • Chargers

    That show is all fake and scripted anyway.

  • jeffree

    Bad acting plus bad script = lousy show.

    I love my str8 friends, but we dont cuddle. Sorry.


    @Plays Well With Yo’ Momma: Carefull there, I gots a copyright on my name :-p

    Yes you 100% are correct,”Not Gay” Ryan definatley is sportin some wood there….

  • Pip

    I don’t know how you go from puking when a gay guy touches you, to wanting to cuddle with the gay guy in the house. This guy is a deluded, psycho Barbie doll.

  • nikko

    @Pip: Exactly my thoughts,PIP. Why is cuddling ok but not a kiss from a guy?! Hmmm, remains to be seen if he’s really a closet case after all. Pathetic.

  • Kristian

    Whos the ugly black guy??

  • nytheatreguy

    Don’t worry about it, KKKristian. He’s too good for you anyway.

  • Bubba

    People, these are just idiots trying to call attention to make a name for themselves and become reality stars. So Ryan’s gig is to play the weird one. Instead, they all come across as pathetic losers with no life, no real contributions to society and just a massive showing of narcissism and egotism. “The Real World”? haha, what a joke is that title.

  • L.

    I want the dealer’s phone number of whichever writer came up with the idea of a guy *blowdrying his body*.

    (Through his clothes, no less.)

  • MayorAdamWest

    Ryan is a ducking whackjob.

    I hope some gay dude beats his ass by the end of the show.

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